What Are The Biggest Hands from the 2020 Debut of High Stakes Poker?

what are the biggest winning hands in poker 2020

After an almost 10-year hiatus, one of the most popular poker shows ever, High Stakes Poker, finally made its long-awaited return on December 16 on the PokerGO platform. The news has undoubtedly put smiles on the faces of many poker enthusiasts as High stakes Poker’s original run of 98 episodes gave us some of the most exciting and memorable battles in the history of the game. Judging by the first episode of the renewed show, the rebooted High stakes Poker promises to bring more of the same.

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What Are The Biggest Hands from the 2020 Debut of High Stakes Poker?

Filmed at the PokerGO Studio at ARIA Resort & Casino, the 99th episode featured a $400/$800 no-limit hold ’em game with a $200.000 minimum buy-in. The game had a star-studded lineup of some of the most prominent pro players including Tom Dwan, Nick Petrangelo, Bryn Kenney, Jean-Robert Bellande, Rick Salomon, and former Phillies pitcher Michael Schwimmer. Schwimmer, after some pretty active play, left the table in the initial episode of the 8th season as the biggest winner. He managed to turn $200.000 buy-in into $404.000. High Stakes Poker will now regularly air every Wednesday and is available to all PokerGO subscribers.

In case you missed this exciting game here’s a short overview of the five biggest and most impactful hands of the 99tht episode of High Stakes Poker.

First Six-Figure Pot of the New Season: Dwan vs. Schwimer

Early in the game, Tom Dwan with two Jacks (spades and hearts) in his hands raised to $2.500 with Michael Schwimmer calling from the button with the 10 of diamonds and 9 of diamonds. Bryn Kenney played along with King of hearts and 9 of hearts. These were the three active players for the flop featuring 10 of clubs, 9 of spades, and 2 of spades. Kenney checked, while Dwan bet $5.500 and Schwimer went in aggressive raising to $17.000. Kenney responded by folding, but Dwan called. After the 4 of clubs turn, Dwan checked and Scwimmier bet another $33.000. Dwan called and checked once the Ace of hearts river was revealed. At this moment the pot was worth $108.700 as Schwimmer bet another $20.000. Dwan called, effectively handing ex-baseball player the first six-figure pot of the game, worth $148,700.

Salomon’s Bold Play Pays Out: Salomon vs. Dwan

Rick Salomon started off the hand raising to $3.500 with Jack of spades and 7 of spades in his hands, as Dwan jacked it further to $15.000 with Ace of clubs and King of clubs in the big blind. The 9 of clubs, 8 of clubs, and 8 of spades flop gave Dwan a flush enticing him to bet $18.000. Salomon called and had a little bit of luck with a Jack of hearts turn. Dwan check-called at $22.000 as the 6 of hearts came out on the river. Dwan checked and Salomon bet another $50.000 forcing his opponent to fold and taking the massive $161,200 pot.

Dwan’s Two Pairs Get Him $149K Pot: Dwan vs. Petrangelo

With 10 of spades and 6 of spades, Dwan raised to $2,500 and got called by Nick Petrangelo holding Ace of clubs, and Jack of clubs. Schwimmer joined the party betting $7.000 which got called by both Dwan and Petrangelo as the 6 of clubs, 10 of diamonds, and Jack of diamonds flop came out. Dwan, with two pairs in hands, checked, and both of his opponents followed. After the 8 of hearts turn, Dwan bet another $17.000, Petrangelo called and Schwimmer folded. With 2 of clubs river, Dwan added another $46.000 to the pot which Petrangelo paid only to lose $149.000 pot.

Nine-Ten Band Brings Schwimmer a Big Pot: Schwimer vs. Kenney

Schwimmer started off things by raising to $4.000 with 10 of spades and 9 of clubs as Kenney defended his big blind holding Queen of spades and 10 of hearts before check-calling the $7.000 bet as the Jack of diamonds, Queen of diamonds, and 3 of clubs flop came out. Schwimmer made a straight with a King of clubs turn and bet $16.000. After that, Kenney called and bet another $40.000 upon seeing the 8 of spades river handing Schwimmer the $135.200 pot.

Checking Out of Turn Doesn’t Pay Off: Schwimer vs. Kenney

Another Schwimmer vs Kenney duel started with Kenney straddling to $1.600 and Salomon re-straddling up to $5.000 before Schwimmer raised to $18.000 holding Ace of clubs and King of hearts in the small blind. He got called by Kenney with 8 of diamonds and 8 of hearts with Salomon folding on the 9 of hearts, 7 o clubs, and 4 of clubs flop. Kenney then checked out of turn and answered Schwimmer’s $20.000 bet by calling. As Ace of hearts turn was revealed, Kenney checked out of turn again and called against the Swimmers $35.000 bet. He did the same on 10 of clubs river only for Schwimmer to check and take home $152,600 pot.

What Are The Biggest Hands from the 2020 Debut of High Stakes Poker?
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What Are The Biggest Hands from the 2020 Debut of High Stakes Poker?
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