Live Ultimate Texas Holdem Poker

Playing poker online for real money at a land-based or online casino is a great way to add some excitement to the overall gambling experience. While there are numerous versions of this highly popular card game, Texas Hold’em has topped the list for the past two decades.

This version of poker grew in popularity during the early 2000s when the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas was in its heyday. It still remains popular today while expanding its presence with a number of gameplay variations. One of those variations is the Ultimate Texas Hold’em table game. Below, please find the best live casinos to play Ultimate Texas Holdem for real money and Bitcoin.

Play Live Ultimate Texas Holdem Poker Online Real Money

The Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

While the rules of this poker game are rather straightforward, there is quite a bit of playing strategy that can enhance a player’s chance to win. The most basic strategy is to call on one pair or better and to fold with anything less than Ace-King. This is the best way to reduce the house edge.

Playing strategy also hinges of the dealer’s exposed card. When their card is a two through five, the player should always call with a Ace-King. When the dealer’s exposed card is four through Queen, the player should call with an Ace-King if they also have the dealer’s card in the rest of their hand.

On a single deal of five cards with no additional play, the chances to get a high hand are not all that high for the player or the dealer. That is why it does make sense to call even if the player only has Ace-King. The added edge to calling on a weak hand is the number of times a dealer’s hand will not qualify.


The Place Bet In Ultimate Texas Hold’em

In Ultimate Texas Hold’em, all betting ends after the Play Bet is made. The lone exception is when a player checked their hand. From that point, three more community cards will be dealt to the middle of the table. At this time, a player with a checked hand can check again or bet twice their original Ante bet.

The next round of play adds the final two cards to the community pile. A player that has checked their hand through the first two rounds gets one final chance to match their Ante bet. They can also fold and forfeit the Ante and Blind bet.

At this point, the player and dealer reveal their best hand using five cards to determine the outcome.

Standard poker rankings are used as follows:

  1. High Card
  2. Pair
  3. 2 Pair
  4. Three of a Kind
  5. Straight
  6. Flush
  7. Full House
  8. Four of a Kind
  9. Straight Flush
  10. Royal Flush
Ultimate Texas Holdem Payouts

The Ante, Blind and Play Bets

The dealer needs at least one pair to qualify. If the dealer fails to qualify, the Ante bet is a push. If the dealer’s hand does qualify, the Ante pays even money if the player has the stronger hand. If the dealer has the stronger hand, all bets (Ante, Blind and Play) are lost. In case of a tie, all bets result in a push.

One caveat with the Blind bet is that the player needs a straight or better to collect. Anything less would be a push.

However, a straight or higher pays out at the following odds:

  1. Straight pays 1-to-1
  2. Flush pays 3-to-2
  3. Full House pays 3-to-1
  4. Four of a Kind pays 10-to-1
  5. Straight Flush pays 50-to-1 t
  6. Royal Flush pays 500-to-1

The optional Trips bet also pays out when a player has Three of a Kind or higher, regardless of whether or not that hand beats the dealer’s.

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