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The Top Online Casino Software Provider Improve Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live

The Top Online Casino Software Provider Improve Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live

Towards the end of the last year, Playtech, one of the world’s top live casino online gaming content providers, launched an exciting new Live Casino game – Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live. Based on the developer’s hit slot machine Adventures Beyond Wonderland, this spin-the-wheel live game quickly became an instant hit in all the live dealer online casinos featuring Playtech’s software.

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What’s Adventure Beyond Wonderland Live All About?

The game takes place in a live studio, and players bet on the segments on the wheel which can be either a number or one of the exciting bonus rounds. Besides the big wheel, there are also two auxiliary ones, for the Wonder Bonus rounds. The game is hosted by two live dealers, dressed as the Mad hater and Alice and their two animated helpers, White Rabbit and Caterpillar who appear in the bonus rounds. With immersive and thrilling gameplay and the possibility of winning up to $500.000, it’s easy to see why this game became so popular so fast.

However, Playtech is known for its excellent communication with players. Also, their willingness to implement many of their suggestions into the actual gameplay if they feel it will make their product better. Overall, most of the best online live casino apps have their games. With that in mind, they have recently upgraded the Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live game with several changes, mostly based on players’ feedback.

What’s New?

One of the features added to the original game is the brand-new random multiplier boost which can now be activated during the main spin once the betting time closes. One of the randomly selected number segments on the wheel will be multiplied by 10 for that particular spin.

Also, some changes have been made to the Wonder Bonus round. In the original version, Eat Me or Drink Me bonus wheel sectors influenced your winnings by 30% in either direction if hit. This feature has now made way for +1 and -1 multipliers which are applied to character multipliers and an additional Re-spin.

The catch-all Mystery Caterpillar Multiplier doesn’t multiply the whole of your bet anymore. In the latest upgrade, it features a series of multipliers applied to all betting positions on the wheel. It now triggers a Re-spin determining which position wins.

The Magic Dice Bonus doesn’t double the multipliers only for the color of the dice that hit the 2x square anymore. Now, all multipliers for both colors are doubled, regardless of which dice landed.

All of these changes have influenced the Return to Player percentage for this game. With the updated version, all the betting options provide a more evened-out chance for winning across the wheel.

Here’s a quick overview of RTP movements for the betting positions:

Number 1 – 91.5% > 96.82%
Number 2 – 91.8% > 96.69%
Number 5 – 92.1% > 96.58%
Number 10 – 96.06% > 96.70%
2 Wonderspins – 95.51% > 96.66%
5 Wonderspins – 95.52% > 96.67%
Magic Dice – 94.7% > 96.58%

The updates have made Adventure Beyond Wonderland Live a bit less volatile overall, meaning that smaller wins should now come more often, while the big prizes will be harder to get. Also, unlike the original version, there’s now a possibility of coming out of the bonus round empty-handed, which was never the case previously.

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The overhaul of the Adventure Beyond Wonderland Live has made the game a bit more enjoyable, and, although big wins are now harder to come by, plenty of chances for various rewards make the playing experience even more exciting than it used to be. We can only hope that Playtech will continue to have a finger on the pulse of the gaming community and resume the practice of updating their games for the players’ enjoyment.


Age of the Gods: Gods of Storms Live Slot & Age Of the Gods Bonus Roulette Games Come to Italian Market

Playtech Live Dealer Casino Games Coming to Italian Market

Playtech, the world’s leading gambling tech company is set to gain a foothold in the Italian live casino market with the release of the Age of the Gods game. This makes Playtech the first one to bring a Live Jackpot to this very important market. The company has already, with great success, introduced the game in several other countries, and they reasonably hope that it will have a similar reception among the Italian players.

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What Playtech Live Dealer Casino Games Are Coming to Italian Market?

The Age of Gods, now available to Italian gamblers, is a hugely popular live jackpot game with its theme built around the ancient Greek gods and goddesses, set against the background of the legendary Mount of Olympus. Players can try their luck in winning one of four progressive jackpots, even if their spin is a losing one. This is achieved through mystery triggers activated while playing the Age of the Gods: Gods of Storms Live Slot or Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette.

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About Age of the Gods: Gods of Storms Live Slot or Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette

The Bonus Roulette is a combination of classic roulette gameplay and a brand new side game which is triggered by a successful bet on a bonus position. The single-slot line with the Age of the Gods characters will appear with each of them acting as a multiplier. The three same symbols can multiply your winnings between 5 and 10 times.

The other game where you can activate the Age of the Gods mystery trigger is the Gods of Storms Live Slot, a specific “communal” slot where all the players play the game together. The game is led by a live studio-based host and features Free Spin Bonuses never before seen in live arena gaming.

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New Live Jackpot and the future success of the Age of the Gods on the Italian Market

People at Playtech have high hopes for the introduction of the new Live Jackpot and the future success of the Age of the Gods on the Italian market.

When commenting on the launch, Edo Haitin, the Managing Director at Playtech Live Casino, spoke of the Italian gambling market’s importance and the company’s effort to bring their Live Casino offerings to this territory. He added that the first Live Jackpot introduction will reinforce Playtech’s status as the leading and most innovative Live Casino games provider in this region. He hopes that the Age of the Gods can build on God’s success of Storms Live and Bonus Roulette and provide local operators with great cross-sell opportunities.

Playtech, founded in 1999, has been holding a leading position in the financial trading and gambling industries for some time now. It’s premium listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. They provide software, services, and content solutions across some of the industry’s most valuable verticals such as live casino, virtual sports, sports betting, poker, and bingo. They championed the omni-channel gambling tech with their Playtech ONE integrated platform technology.

Playtech provides the technology on a B2B basis to some of the leading operators and retailers in the field, government entities such as lotteries, and land-based casinos. The head office of the company is in the Isle of Man, and they employ a total of 5.900 people in 19 countries.

Playtech Doubles Its Live Casino Studio Space In Romania

Playtech Doubles Its Live Casino Studio Space

The continued growth of live-dealer casino table games has been phenomenal. This has become the primary growth engine for the entire online casino industry. Live Casino is available on a global basis in most regulated markets. Online casino operators remain committed to bridging the gap with land-based casino venues.

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How Does Playtech Double Its Live Casino Studio Space?

The number of online casino gaming content developers producing live casino games remains limited. One of the primary gaming companies on that list is Playtech. Through a recent press release on the company website, plans to increase live studio space were revealed.

The expansion of its Live Casino capabilities is considered significant. The base of this expansion will take place in the company’s Romanian Live Casino operations. This is designed to meet increased demand in the local market as well as on an international basis.

Dedicated studio space covers live-dealer play for:

  1. Blackjack
  2. Roulette
  3. Baccarat

Playtech offers different variants for all three of these popular casino table games. Original plans for expansion were geared towards the Romanian regulated market. Plans were altered to meet growing demand on a larger scale.

There are native-speaking dealers for Romania. Dealers also cover English, Spanish and Italian-speaking markets. By doubling the size of the existing studio, more operator needs can be satisfied.

Increasing the size of the studio will allow Playtech to double the number of live tables now offered. Dealers will be expanded to cover the Greek and Columbian markets once the expansion project has been completed.

Artyom Moskvin is the Live Country Manager in Romania for Playtech. His comments on the studio expansion included:

“ The unprecedented extension of our Live Casino facility here in Romania reflects not only the significant growth of the local market. But also the major expansion of Playtech’s Live Casino business internationally.”

He went on to add:

“By investing in the development of our facilities now, we can support the existing building demand for our services as well as planning for future growth. Expansion into newly regulating markets is at the core of Playtech’s long-term strategy. And by offering additional capacity and native-speaking dealers for a growing range of languages, we can prepare our business and our partners for an exciting next stage for Live Casino services.”

Overall, Playtech offers Live Casino games from five different studio locations on a global basis. It employs live dealers to support live table play in nine different languages.

Playtech was founded in 1999. It has been premium listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. The company serves the gambling and financial trading industries.

Known as a leading technology company, it continues to deliver business intelligence-driven software products. It also offers content and platform technology across the gaming industry’s most popular product verticals.

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The short list includes casino, live casino, sports betting, virtual sports, bingo and online poker. Considered a pioneer of omni-channel gambling technology, it has a strong expertise in integrated platform technology. The primary product in this realm is Playtech ONE.

• Source: Playtech doubles dedicated Live Casino space in Romania From Playtech.com On October 5, 2020.

Playtech Live Suite Expands Live Casino Distribution Through An Expanded Partnership

Playtech Live Suite Expands Live Casino Distribution Through An Expanded Partnership

Many of the partnerships formed in the gaming industry start on a very small level. Gaming content developers are always looking for new regulated markets for their portfolios. Online casino operators are always looking build their gaming libraries.

That is the basis for most new partnerships along with the expansion of existing ones. Playtech has already made a name for itself as a major content developer. SoftSwiss has made its impact felt as a major developer of B2B iGaming software solutions.

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When Will Playtech Expand Their Live Casino Distribution Through An Expanded Partnership?

These two companies first came together in 2019 through an initial distribution agreement. Since then, SoftSwiss has been delivering Playtech content to a fast-growing network of B2B clients. As noted on the company website, this has been made possible through the use of a Game Aggregator.

More and more Playtech games have been added to this platform over the past year as the partnership expands. The recent expansion involves a suite of 12 Live Casino games.

This is a major step forward for both companies. Live dealer games are driving the online casino industry into the future. This is the ultimate bridge that can close the gap between online table gameplay and land-based capabilities.

The headliners in this 12-game live suite are:

  1. Blackjack, & Roulette
  2. Baccarat
  3. Live Casino Holdem & Dragon Tiger

The first two table games on the list are casino staples. There are multiple variations of Blackjack and Roulette as the two most popular casino table games. Baccarat has its own select appeal. This is one of the fasted growing games in any live suite.

Playtech developed Casino Hold’em to capitalize on the popularity of poker as a top card game.

To add a personal touch to the collection, Dragon Tiger stands out as a specialty game. This live suite of Live Casino titles will stream from Playtech’s sophisticated production studios in Latvia and the Philippines.

As a growing entity in the Live Casino segment, Playtech still hangs its hat on producing contemporary RNG games. RNG stands for Random Number Generator. This is the game mechanic that ensures fair play and normalized results. This has also helped to cement a reputation that rises to the highest levels of the gaming industry.

SoftSwiss was launched back in 2008 to help develop online auction software solutions. Over the years, its efforts gravitated to the iGaming industry. In 2012, it launched its own online casino software platform. More recently, the company has become the world’s leading provider of Bitcoin gaming software.

Headquartered in Curacao, SoftSwiss also has software development operations in Belarus. Its overall reach is global through many strategic initiatives.

These are exciting times in the online gaming industry. The growth potential is unlimited with a number of emerging markets complementing existing strongholds. Companies such as Playtech and SoftSwiss are always looking to capitalize on their core strengths. They are also willing to expand into new frontiers. Combined, it will be interesting to see where the partnership goes from here.

• Source: SoftSwiss adds Playtech live games to its portfolio From Softswiss.com On July 16, 2020.


Playtech Rolls Out Quantum Roulette And Another New Live Casino Game For Italian Market

Playtech Rolls Out Quantum Roulette And Another New Live Casino Game For Italian Market

When it comes to live-dealer casino table games, Roulette, and Blackjack top the list. Innovative gaming development companies such as Playtech are always looking for new ways to spice things up. That is why there are so many different Live Casino versions available today.

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Adding to its award-winning collection of Live Casino titles, Playtech recently released a new version of each:

  1. Italian Live Quantum Roulette
  2. Italian All Bets Blackjack

Both of these games are marketed exclusively for the Italian Live Casino market. As part of an exclusive distribution agreement with Snaitech, both games are available in the regulated Italian market. Each live game can played through the online casino brand, Snai IT.

Quantum Roulette gives players the opportunity to multiply a straight-up bet up to 500x.

The game features two innovative mechanics: Quantum Boost and Quantum Leap. The actual gameplay has been designed to create a much more immersive feel. This also benefits player retention.

All built-in features are random by nature. This includes the multipliers on any straight-up bets. The Quantum Boost automatically increases multipliers by 50x. Quantum Leap will double or even triple multipliers to provide even bigger win potential. Not only is the game geared towards a particular market, but it is also presented through a high-detail live studio.

Edo Haitin is the CEO for Playtech Live Casino. His thoughts on this new game included:

“Quantum Roulette has been one of our most popular new games last year. And we’re delighted to be exclusively bringing it in Italian and operated by native-speaking dealers.”

Allbets Blackjack is a variation of regular Live Blackjack. Key points of difference include an unlimited amount of players at any given table. There are six optional side bets that can be used along with regular play. This adds a high level of excitement to the game It also gives players more ways to win than the standard version of this popular card game.

The fact that up to six different side bets are available lets the player themself define the online experience.

New technology expanding play to an unlimited amount of players at one live table creates unlimited profit potential. This is an extremely popular feature for online casino operators.

Mr. Haitin went on to add:

“Quantum Roulette and All Bets Blackjack are fantastic examples of the experience-led, innovative gameplay at the heart of our strategy. And having proved highly successful in other markets, we’re confident Italian players will love to play the popular game in their own language.”

Playtech is a gambling software development company that has helped to define the modern industry. Based in Isle of Man, the company was founded back in 1999 when iGaming was in its infancy.

Driven by innovation and imagination, the overall gaming content portfolio is an industry leader in many different ways. The company is also one of the largest suppliers of online gaming and sports betting software in the world.