Slingshot Auto Roulette

Long before the Internet, Roulette grew to become one of the most popular casino games in the world. The simple concept of betting on where a ball will land on a 38-number wheel remains just as popular today. With the advent of online gambling software, the online casino business emerged. This form of gambling quickly became a viable alternative to land-based casino venues.

Below are online casino apps where you can find a live game from evolution gaming and other gaming providers. Take advantage of the spinning wheel of the full screen at any one of the live casino apps we recommend. This auto roulette game is available at all of the live casino apps we have below. Have a good betting time, and we hope you get your winning number playing your next roulette game.

Play Live Slingshot Auto Roulette Online Real Money

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Slingshot auto roulette

About Slingshot Auto Roulette

One of the latest innovations in real money gambling online is live casinos. This has bridged the gap between land-based on online casinos with the use of live dealers. You can now play roulette online with an actual dealer spinning the wheel. The live casino market continues to fuel the growth of the entire real money gambling industry.

These recent innovations in gambling software technology have revolutionized online casinos. It allows them to expand basic table games such as Roulette with additional versions. Most of the basic rules of play remain the same. However, these unique variations have become a major point of difference between land-based and online casinos.

Evolution Gaming Powers This Variation

One of the most popular versions is Slingshot Auto Roulette. This roulette hybrid was developed by Evolution Gaming. This is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world and a truly innovative pioneer. Evolution has also been a driving force in live dealer casino games. However, the main feature of this version of live casino roulette does not employ a live dealer.

Roulette balls are launched automatically to replace the dealer. The automated wheel spins in real time so the action remains live. It is powered by Slingshot 2. This is a specially designed roulette wheel that was engineered by Cammegh, a UK gaming company.

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