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When it comes to casino table games and real money gambling, one of the most popular choices is Roulette. Whether you are gambling at a land-based venue or online at a top live casino site, Roulette is a high-value option. Luck has a lot to do with your chance to win. However, with any number of betting options available there is some skill involved in betting strategy.

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Reasons Why Live Dealer Immersive Roulette Is So Popular

Another reason why Roulette is so popular is the wide array of game versions you can find online. One version that continues to grow in popularity is Dealer Immersive Roulette at live casinos.

The basic rules follow European Roulette with a few added twists in its presentation. The European version of this game offers the best edge against the house with just one green zero on the roulette board. This improves the odds for all outside bets as well as inside the board on individual number bets.

Dealer Immersive Roulette pertains to online live-dealer table play. Ultimately, this brings the excitement of a glamorous casino resort to a desktop, laptop, and mobile handheld betting application.

Playing live immersive roulette at an online live casino site offers:

  1. A higher quality live casino experience as opposed to basic live dealer applications
  2. Live camera shots in HD from multiple vantage points covering the entire roulette table
  3. Slow motion replays of the roulette ball as it lands for each round of play

Dial Up The Thrill And Excitement With Live Players

Immersive play dials up the excitement with live players involved in the gameplay experience. You get to know your online live dealer with the added enhancements this version offers. You will also feel like you are in Monte Carlo or some other international casino setting. The realism that this immersive version provides transcends the fact that you are actually playing online. Advanced technology and sophisticated mobile betting software of Immersive Dealer Roulette have successfully bridged the gap between the two.

Most Common Bets: Even, Odds, Black & Red

Roulette is a game of chance with your betting choices pitted against the fickle fate of the bouncing ball. You can stick to a simple strategy of making 50/50 bets on the outside of the board. The most common bets are Red or Black and Odd or Even. The inside of the board offers a wide variety of betting options for betting on the actual numbers from zero through 36. The right combination of outside and inside bets along with a bit of luck is the best way to hit it big.

Books have been written on winning betting strategies for Roulette. The main takeaway is that one particular roll of the wheel as no bearing on any previous or future roll. Just because a certain number has not come up for quite a few rounds does not make it due. Just because a black number as coming up five times in a row does not mean the next number will be red. You should have a set strategy for betting Roulette more so for money management reasons. You can blow through your entire betting bankroll rather quickly without taking a disciplined approach to playing Roulette.

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