Play Live French Roulette

Play Live French Roulette with real money with actual deals online and on the go. If you are looking for a real-life gaming experience, you can bring Las Vegas into your living room. Even better, you can play Las Vegas or French live casino games on the go. Imagine you are walking to a casino on the streets of Paris. Once you get to the live casino, you can see the dealer waiting for you with a smile for this classic table game. Indeed, live french roulette gives you a Parisian look-and-feel to the point where it’s reminiscent of the Moulin Rouge cabaret shows.

Additionally, when playing this live casino game variation, you will be looking at everything in the language of love. However, you can find live French Roulette croupiers that speak different languages. Below is a list of the best live casinos to play live dealer French roulette for real money and Bitcoin cryptocurrencies.

Play Live French Roulette Online Real Money

Drake Casino


When French roulette was first established, it had different rules. Over the years, casinos in France have made advancements. Most importantly, you can play this live casino game against a live dealer using your mobile Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Easily, use your webcam and allow the live casino to stream their table game into your living room. If you feel like socializing, feel free to chat with other players as well as the croupier. Remember, enable your microphone and webcam.


Live French Roulette Betting Options

Interestingly, French Roulette has a wheel plus thirty-seven pockets. Ultimately, these pockets are number from zero up to thirty-six. Unlike the American variation, this version doesn’t have a double zero pocket. That said, the table is unique and this game has different rules plus the bets have French names. Furthermore, the house calls a wagers a call bet. These call bets include Voisins du Zero, Finales a Cheval, and Finales en Plein.

If you are looking for the most popular betting option in live French roulette, you may want to try Finales en Plein. When you use the Finales en Plein wager, you put a zero at the end where you would place each number. For instance, 0 (0, 10, 20, and 30). If the ball lands on one of the numbers you selected, you win. However, your wins are based on how much you wagered. the same thing goes for the numbers one through six. When you get up to the number 7, you can only place three bets. For instance, (7, 17, 27) because the wheel doesn’t have a 37, it ends with a 36.

Learn The Live French Roulette Rules

The La Partage rule is the most common rule in live French roulette. Ultimately, it is a benefit to have this rule. If you bet even-money and the ball ends up on a zero, you get protection from the house. However, you will still lose half of your bet. As a result, you reduce the house’s edge, which is a big advantage.


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The History Of French Roulette

Roulette remains one of the most popular casino games in the world. This includes play at a land-based casino resort in Las Vegas or online at a site that offers a live casino dealer option. The game is simple to play with no prior experience required. It is also a true game of chance that relies heavily on luck. Although a sound betting strategy can enhance a person’s chances to walk away a winner.

The basic premise involves a wheel with equally divided red and black numbers between 1 and 36. Depending on the version, there is also a green zero and double zero. The wheel is spun with a small ball and various bets are placed on where that ball will land. The roulette board is basically divided into two sections; the outer section and the inner section. There are basic bets such as a red or black and odd or even that offer a 1-to-1 return on the outer board. Players can also bet on a single individual number or multiple numbers in groups in the inner board.

Over the years, multiple versions of the game have been introduced at land-based and online casinos.

However, the three most popular versions are:

  1. American Roulette
  2. European Roulette
  3. French Roulette

The Basic Differences

The basic difference between the American version and the other two is the extra double green zero. The main difference between European version and the French version is the actual layout of the table. French Roulette is frequently associated with the famous casinos in Monte Carlo.

The French Terms

Some of the terms on the playing board are in French, but they are rather easy to understand. Passe refers to an outside bet of 19 to 36 and Manque refers to an outside bet of 1 to 18. Impair replaces odd and pair replaces even as one of the most popular outside bets. Another subtle difference in a French Roulette table is the color of the numbers. As opposed to being red or black, they are white with a red or black background. The actual roulette wheel of 1 to 36 numbers along with a green zero remains the same in the European and French version.

Main Attractions

The main attraction of the French version is a lower house edge than the other two versions. The actual house edge in French Roulette is reduced to 1.35%. Tables may be hard to find in US land-based casinos. However, online at live casinos, this version is rather easy to find. Many of the top real money gambling sites will offer French Roulette as a betting option.

The French version also offers five special ‘Announced Bets’ that are not on the betting board. Players must announce their intended bet while adding their chips to the betting table. An example of an announced bet would be the Teirs du Cylindre which covers all the numbers on one third of the roulette wheel. There is also an additional ‘Neighbors’ bet. This bet covers nine numbers with four on either side of a single named number.