Live European Roulette

One of the easiest table games to play at a casino is live European Roulette. It is basically a game of chance betting on numbers from one to 37. What makes this game so popular is the wide array of betting options on any one spin of the roulette wheel.

The game has been adapted to an online version that brings all the excitement of a Las Vegas-style casino resort to a desktop, laptop or mobile gaming applications. Recent advances in gaming technology and online gaming software have created a live-dealer application. Playing online with actual dealers spinning the roulette wheel puts you in the center of all the action.

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Whether you are in Las Vegas or online in a live casino, European Roulette is a simple game to learn. However, there are some basic rules and betting tips you need to understand to improve your chances to win.

Live European Roulette Betting Options

A European Roulette table is made up of three general areas. The first area is the actual roulette wheel that is operated by the dealer. The betting area is made up of outside bets and inside bets.

The outside area consists of general bets and the inside area contains three rows of red and black numbers from one to 36. When it comes to playing European Roulette, there is also a green zero at one end of the inside betting area.

The outside bets consist of

  1. No. 1 to No. 18
  2. Odd or Even Numbers
  3. No. 19 to No. 36
  4. Red or Black Numbers

A smaller outer row offers betting options for:

  1. The 1st 12 Numbers
  2. 2nd 12 Numbers
  3. The 3rd 12 Numbers

Players also have the option to place a wager on each of the three rows of numbers at the one end of the outside area. The inside bets are on the actual numbers with an array of different options as follows:

  1. Single Number ( betting chips on one number)
  2. Two Numbers ( betting chips between two numbers)
  3. Three Number Street Bet (betting chips across a specific row)
  4. Corner Bet (betting chips covering the joint corner of four numbers)
  5. Double Street Bet (betting chips across two consecutive rows)

One other bet that is unique to European Roulette is a four number bet on 0,1,2,3,4 at the same time. There are some other types of bets that may or may not be available where you are playing the game. For example, some casinos (land-based and live casino online) will offer a bet called Voisins Du Zero. This bet covers 17 consecutive numbers on the roulette wheel starting at 25 and ending at number 22. This is also referred to as ‘neighbors of the zero’. The green zero is exactly in the middle of this string of numbers on the roulette wheel.

A ‘Tier’ bet covers 12 numbers that are next to each other on the roulette wheel. This bet is covered with six chips on two-number bets. A bet that covers eight numbers that are next to each other on the wheel is called an ‘Orphelin’.

A ‘Neighbor’ bet covers five consecutive numbers on the roulette wheel. The players bets a single number on the wheel along with the two numbers before and after that number.

European Roulette Betting Odds

The fact that the European version of roulette only has one green zero as opposed to the zero and double zero in the American version decreases the House edge. The overall House edge in European Roulette is 2.7 percent verse a 5.26 percent edge in the American version.

The probability of winning a straight bet on one number is 2.7 percent and the odds of winning are 1 in 37. This is more favorable than the same probability (2.63 percent) and odds (1 in 38) in American Roulette.

Live European Roulette

The probability and odds for a few of the most popular bets are as follows:

  • Bet
  • Red/Black
  • Odd/Even
  • Column (12 Numbers)
  • Two Numbers
  • Three Numbers
  • Corner
  • Probability
  • 48.65%
  • 48.65%
  • 32.43%
  • 5.41%
  • 8.11%
  • 10.81%
  • Odds of Winning
  • 1 in 2.06
  • 1 in 2.06
  • 1 in 3.08
  • 1 in 18.5
  • 1 in 12.33
  • 1 in 9.25

Understanding the probability of winning along with the betting odds is an excellent way to formulate a strategy for playing roulette. A combination of higher percentage bets with low returns along with a few high risk/high reward bets takes a balanced approach towards the chances to win.

Most online casinos will offer the European version, so it is worth the effort to seek out this betting option whenever possible. Some Las Vegas casinos will offer a few European tables as well.

Live European Roulette Betting Payouts

In conjunction with understanding roulette’s payout odds, it is also important to understand the actual money payouts. The payouts below are for the same six bets listed above as follows:

  • Bet
  • Red/Black
  • Odd/Even
  • Column (12 Numbers)
  • Two Numbers
  • Three Numbers
  • Corner
  • Payout Ratio
  • 1 to 1
  • 1 to 1
  • 2 to 1
  • 17 to 1
  • 11 to 1
  • 8 to 1