New Jersey Online Casinos Offer Live Dealer Casino Games From British Bookmaker

New Jersey Online Casinos Offer Live Dealer Casino Games From British Bookmaker UK Live Casino

In the US gambling industry, 2021 started with a bang. William Hill, the famous UK bookmaker, finally launched its online casino. The British giant has long been of the major players in the world of gambling. Now, William Hill will be one of the leading New Jersey online casinos.

Which New Jersey Online Casinos Are Offering Live Dealer Casino Games From A British Bookmaker ?

Now registered in New Jersey, William Hill will add to the already booming Garden state gaming scene. The new casino will operate under the Tropicana AC license.

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A Step-by-Step Launch

At the moment, the casino is still in the testing phase. Before full becoming fully operational, it will go through a few stages. William Hill decided to take a gradual approach, eliciting feedback from customers on every step. The lack of a big splash should be compensated for in other areas. This method should result in a better final product. Hopefully, the new casino will provide an optimized player experience. The service will be custom-developed in response to the needs of its future users.

The Current Offer

At the moment, William Hill’s offerings are quite slim. They are yet to develop a proper portfolio to challenge competitors. Currently, there are only 5 games available on the WH app. Roulette enthusiasts can choose between the American and European versions. Card games feature Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack and Casino Hold’em Poker.

The desktop platform is a bit more diverse. Here, you can also enjoy some progressive slot games. The offer includes some big hits such as Divine Fortune, Starburst, and Mercy of the Gods. The slots are traditionally the biggest casino moneymakers. William Hill is well aware of that, and we can expect many more titles in the future.

Cross-Integration Across the Platform

As we know, online players are rarely loyal to just one game. Or just one genre, for that matter. Many dabble both in casino games and sports betting. William Hill will be one of the few platforms offering both. They first made their name as a sportsbook. Today, they’re probably the most recognizable brand in that industry. By adding a casino library, they are making things easier for players. Now, customers can do all their gambling within a single system. The new app will feature a shared wallet for both casino and sportsbook.

A Big Move on the Horizon

Casinos can rarely afford to do the launch William Hill’s way. Rolling out in stages requires a significant financial cushion, that many operators find lacking. Starting slowly means less initial revenue and fewer players. As an already well-established company, Willam Hill can withstand the growing pains. But, there’s another reason they’re able to do things this way.

William Hill was recently been a subject of a bidding war between Caesars and Apollo Global Management. Ceasars eventually prevailed. The $3.7b purchase is set to go forward later this year. This provided William Hill with the necessary financial muscle to perform a methodical and deliberate launch.

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A Win-Win Situation

The launch of the new casino should prove beneficial for all parties involved. Caesars will expand their offer with a prominent sportsbook. The projected revenue from the first few months only is near $700 million. They might be able to pay off their investment in a record time. New Jersey will add another big earner to its list of casinos. Online casinos are already raking over $80mil per month in New Jersey. A new player on the market will only increase competition and drive that number even higher.

New Jersey Online Casinos Offer Live Dealer Casino Games From British Bookmaker
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New Jersey Online Casinos Offer Live Dealer Casino Games From British Bookmaker
Some Of The Best New Jersey Online Casinos Offer Live Dealer Casino Games From British Bookmaker William Hill.
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