NetEnt Gives Its Live Casino Lobby A Makeover

NetEnt Gives Its Live Casino Lobby A Makeover

Many land-based casino venues will try and reimagine their casino floors with dramatic makeovers. Millions and millions of dollars are spent every year in an attempt to keep up with the changing times.

You could say the same thing about the online casino industry. A redesigned website is much less costly. Yet, the impact on upgrading the playing experience is the same desired result.

When Is NetEnt Giving Its Live Casino Lobby A Makeover?

Whatever Net Entertainment has touched over the years as tended to turn to gold. As one of the biggest gaming content developing firms in the gaming industry, it continues to set the standard. The company’s latest endeavor was to give the live Casino lobby a bold new look. The desired outcome from the change centered on increased player engagement.

As part of a company news release, the changes were covered. NetEnt further enhanced its Live Casino offering with a more player-oriented lobby. Just like the grand entrance to a Las Vegas Strip casino floor, first impressions are lasting.

The company was also going for changes that take a practical approach to design. Making it easier for a player to find what they are looking for tops that list. The new look is shooting for seamless navigation between games in the Lobby and Mini-Lobby presentation.

The new modern design is more user-friendly. It displays the latest information pertaining to the actual gaming tables. This includes vital stats such as:

  1. Winning numbers for Roulette
  2. Available seats
  3. Betting limits: minimum and max
  4. Number of total players

The presentation tiles for each game highlight the live dealer. The background offers a more immersive look and feel. Players will find a more intuitive table order to enable cross promotion among the available games like auto-roulette.

The primary goal of this online casino software is to improve player engagement. This is accomplished by table order and increased availability. The new lobby design also benefits Live Casino operators. They can stick with generic branding options to keep things simple. They also have the opportunity to create a fully customized environment.

Andres Rengifo is the Director of NetEnt Live. His comments summed up the reason for the lobby upgrade as follows:

“As the core of the live casino, the lobby is a vital element to get right. It makes a huge difference – from the first visit to the long term – to the levels of a player’s engagement as well as their experience and brand perception. We believe we’ve created the perfect lobby environment to help set up the ultimate casino player journey.”

Images included in this company news release highlight the points echoed by Mr. Rengifo. As industry leaders in live-dealer table game gambling options, NetEnt is also a trendsetter. Sophisticated online players seek out these live player options because of this kind of attention to detail. This is one gaming company that refuses to rest on its past laurels. It has no interest in maintaining the status quo and the bar for innovation cannot be raised high enough.

• Source: NetEnt Live unveils new-look lobby to boost player engagement From Netent.com On May 15, 2020.

NetEnt Gives Its Live Casino Lobby A Makeover
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NetEnt Gives Its Live Casino Lobby A Makeover
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