Discover New Real Money Hold’em Poker Games From The Microgaming Company

Discover New Real Money Hold'em Poker Games From Microgaming

Premier online casino developer Microgaming has announced it’s an upcoming lineup of new Hold’em Poker games. Announced just last week the online gambling giant has chosen to expand on its game selection through the classic and beloved Poker.

Of course, the most interesting aspect of the news is its timing. Microgaming’s announcements come not too long after the unfortunate closure of their online poker network. Microgaming Poker Network offered players a place to enjoy poker in all its variants, but this year saw its closure after 16 years of continued service.

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Discover New Real Money Hold’em Poker Games From Microgaming

With this announcement, live poker aficionados can rest assured that their favorite game still remains a firm priority in the company. Hold’Em Poker will be the first game released under this new game wave. However, players won’t have to wait too long for the rest of the collection. Lucky Showdown has been confirmed as the next game Microgaming will release as part of this project, and a full announcement can be expected soon.

For Microgaming fans, Hold’Em will represent an interesting evolution in the way the company is leading its game. Of course, the usual brand of quality will remain as usual, and players can expect a safe and reliable framework to stand behind their games. But with Hold’Em Poker the company is aiming at new ways to increase the enjoyment of its player base.

Hold’Em Poker is an innovative spin on the traditional Texas Hold’em format.

The key focus lies on being able to immerse the players in a realistic environment. In short, the game goes beyond offering live casino gameplay and fully aims to replicate the casino experience online. This fresh and modern take on a tried and true classic is an indication of the direction the company is taking on the real money gambling world post-MPN.

Wheel Mechanic To Randomize Prize Pools, & Progressive Jackpots

Players can expect a fast-paced experience that has been thoroughly optimized for mobiles. Playing under a sit and go tournament-style all it takes is €5 to join. On top of the immersive design, Hold’Em Poker also adds a wheel mechanic to randomize the prize pool, and the progressive jackpot seeds at €25,000, making it one of the most appealing options in the market.

The company will debut Hold’Em Poker through two separate phases. Select customers, and clients will be able to try out the game as soon as December 1st; through an early release that will include the full suite of functions and modes. For everybody else, they can expect to join the action on December 9th, the official global release date.

So far, no announcements have been made regarding the release or mechanics of Lucky Showdown, but Microgaming will likely state the release date of Hold’Em Poker grows closer.

While the closure of Microgaming Poker Network was a heavy blow to both the community and the company, these recent announcements show there’s no need to be concerned. Microgaming will continue to expand its gaming repertoire as it has done for years, and thanks to hat gambling, lovers worldwide will get the quality games they are used to.

Source: Microgaming announces new poker offering From Microgaming.co.uk On October 28, 2020.

Discover New Real Money Hold'em Poker Games From The Microgaming Company
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Discover New Real Money Hold'em Poker Games From The Microgaming Company
Premier online casino developer Microgaming has announced it's upcoming lineup of new Hold'em Poker games from online gambling giant.
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