Micro Poker Tournament Series Offers Big Cash Prizes

Micro Poker Tournament Series Offers Big Cash Prizes

BetOnline’s Micro Tournament Series is here to turn small buy-ins into big cash prizes. The online poker site is ready to bring large prizes from November 18th through the 29th through their low-stakes tournament festival.

The Micro Tournament Series is an unique experience that combines 62 unique events through it’s 12 days; all of them focused on poker and with over $150,000 in guaranteed prize pools. And of course one of the biggest features of the event are the low buy-in prizes. Players can join the event for as low as 55 cents and enjoy a wide variety of card events in a competitive format.

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What Big Cash Prizes Does The Micro Poker Tournament Series Offer?

Some of the games featured in the Micro Tournament Series include: Pot Limit Omaha, No-limit Hold’em, Eight-or-Better, Bounties and beyond. Through their favorite card game interested players will get the chance to test out their skills against other participants and opt for the chance to win o ne of the guaranteed big cash prizes that Micro Tournament has prepared for the tournament.

The main event will take place on the 29th of this month and includes a $20,000 guaranteed prize pool. Combined with a buy-in cost of just 11 it’s definitely ensuring that the Micro Tournament Series will end with a bang. However every single event counts with at least one event with a guaranteed prize over a thousand dollars. Which means all players will get a chance to play for big cash prizes on their favorite poker variant. Likewise there isn’t a single buy-in cost that goes above $11 and outside of the largest events the highest cost tends to sit around $5.50. This ensures players get a lot of unique events to choose from with low buy-in prices and rewarding prizes.

How To Win The $20,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool?

Interested players can check the full Micro Tournament Series schedule on the official BetOnline website. But they shouldn’t worry too much as all the different variants of poker are evenly spread across the different dates, and since they tend to repeat every few days all players should have the opportunity to join their favorite game. Those interested should also keep in mind that with a few exceptions most tournament days start at 3pm Eastern Time.

After you sign up for BetOnline through LiveDealersCasino.org, head to their site. Afterward, you will see they stand out as one of the leading online poker sites and this new Micro Tournament Series is the latest in their long series of events tailor made to satisfy their player base. One of BetOnline’s goals is to ensure all players feel at home in the platform, and this usually comes in the form of various enticing events and promotions like this new tournament. Combined with their state of the art poker technology, the website has made a name for itself as one of the premier poker platforms online.

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What More Does BetOnline’s Micro Tournament Series Have To Offer?

BetOnline’s Micro Tournament Series will likely be one of the most important online poker events of the year. With big cash prizes and low buy-ins coupled with BetOnline’s reputation, the tournament festival is expected to see a lot of players and buzz. One way or another the upcoming 12 days of poker are going to be an event to remember.

Micro Poker Tournament Series Offers Big Cash Prizes
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Micro Poker Tournament Series Offers Big Cash Prizes
The Micro Tournament Series combines 62 events; all of them focused on poker and with over $150,000 in guaranteed prize pools.
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