Live Casino Hold’em

Going back to the early 2000’s, the poker game Texas Hold ‘em has grown in popularity over the past two decades.

Fueled by the World Series of Poker Tournament in Las Vegas, this casino game moved to the top of the list for anyone looking to make money playing poker. Casino Texas Hold ‘em can be played at land-based casinos all across the nation. It can also be played online at designated poker sites as well as regular casino sites.

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About TheLive Casino Holdem Game

An equally popular offshoot of this poker game is called Casino Hold ‘em. One of the main reasons it has become a fan-favorite with poker players and folks that play live dealer baccarat is the added betting options this game offers. The most significant difference between the two poker games is that Casino Hold ‘em is played directly against the dealer.

Ultimately, this makes the game very popular with online casino patrons. They can play against casino in a video poker game or in a live dealer setting. The goal of Casino Hold ‘em is getting a better hand than the dealer; not the other players in the game. Besides Hold’em, you can play live 3 card poker plus many more variations.

Game play starts with a designated ante. The player and the dealer are dealt two cards down and three community cards are dealt to the middle of the table face up. At this point, the player can fold or stay in the game by doubling their ante. If play continues, two more community cards are added to the three cards in the middle of the table.

At this point, the player makes their best five-card poker hand as opposed to the dealer. A winning hand pays 1-to-1. A losing hand loses the entire bet. A draw or tie returns the call bet, but not the original ante.

Learn The Odds To Win

If the player’s winning hand is a flush with five cards of the same suit, they would get paid 2-to-1 odds on their original ante. A full house pays 3-to-1 and four of a kind pays 10-to-1. A straight flush pays out at 20-to-1 odds and a royal flush would pay out 100-to-1. Furthermore, this is referred to as the AnteWin pay table.

A player also has the option of making a AA bonus side bet at the beginning of each round of play. This relates to the player’s two cards and the first three cards in the community pile. A pair of aces to a five-card straight pays 7-to-1. A flush with five cards pays 20-to-1. A full house pays 30-to-1 and four of a kind would pay 40-to-1. A straight flush offers 50-to-1 odds and a royal flush would payout 100-to-1.


Another important rule to keep in mind is that the dealer needs a pair of fours or better to qualify. If they do not qualify, the ante bet pays 1-to-1 and the call bet is a push.

If the dealer qualifies and loses, the player gets paid 1-to-1 on their ante and call bet unless they have a high value hand that pays more. If the dealer qualifies and wins, the player loses all bets regardless of their hand.