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Live Dealer Craps is one of the most popular real-time table games at the online casinos. Ultimately, this dice game allows players to roll the dice and bet on the outcome while having fun at the table. While you certainly can play real money craps at land casino resorts, now you can play this dice game against actual live dealers for actual money in real-time.

If you are not familiar, online and mobile casinos have been offering video craps games for decades, While these video dice games are fun, they don’t provide the same thrilling experience that playing against live dealers does. If you want to play online craps for real money in a real casino setting, unfortunately, no real money casino offers this table game yet. However, you can check out the live casinos we have below. At these live casinos, you can play blackjack, sic bo, casino Holdem poker, roulette, baccarat and other games in real-time against live dealers.

Play Live Live Craps Online Real Money

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Where Can I Play Live Dealer Craps Online With Real Money?

Want to roll the dice, huh? Unfortunately, no real money casinos offer this table game against live dealers. Furthermore, we have found the issue is that you can’t physically roll the dice. Therefore, the software providers have to make a computer generated model or have the dealer ( or someone else) roll them for you. As a result, this has lost the effect of playing live craps in real-time. Unfortunately, if you are looking to play live dealer craps online game, it may be hard to find. Real money gamblers have a few options, which you can see below.

Real Money Craps

If you are looking to play real money craps without a live dealer, most online casinos have video craps.

Social Casinos

At some social casinos, you can play live dealer craps. However, you can only roll the dice for virtual chips and coins.


Roll The Dice And Bet On A Live Game

If you can find a live casino that offers live Sic Bo, that is currently the closest thing you will find to a live craps game.


Learn How To Play Live Dealer Craps

If you want to learn how to play live dealer craps, we have a step-by-step guide. Before we going into ‘how to play’, we want to give you an overview of some terms people use. While craps is a dice game, people that just use the phrase ‘dice game’ may be referring to another type of game like “Sic Bo”. When you roll the dice playing craps for real money, you are betting on the outcome of the pair of dice. Sometimes, people refer to “Street Craps” when playing against each other. Ultimately, you only need a pair of dice and money to play. Therefore it is easy to play outside a real casino. Also, people use the term ‘casino craps’ when they are playing at a dealer or the house. If you hear the terms “Shooting Craps,” this usually refers to gamblers placing their real money wagers. Now, let’s talk about how to play.

The First Step Is To Place Your Wager

First off, place your real money bet. Ultimately, the game of craps begins when one of the players puts a bet on the pass line or doesn’t place a pass line bet. To bet the pass line, put your coins or chips in the felt area layout on the table.

The Second Step Is To Placing Your Wager On The Pass Line

If you want to place a pass line bet, you can split the wager. For example, if you are betting $1000, you can put two $500 chips on the pass line. Furthermore, you can use any combination of chips that adds up to five hundred dollars. Remember, put your coins and chips where it says “Pass Line”

The Third Step Is To Placing Your Side Wagers

The third type of bet in craps is the side wager. Most of the time, good gamblers avoid them because the odds of winning are not good. However, we will go over side bets and the best wagers you can place in the live craps strategy guide.

Where Can You Play Live Craps Online?

Well, it depends where you live. Live dealer craps are available at some online casinos. However, they often don’t accept United States players. Ultimately, the software providers that offer live craps are Ezugi, Evolution, Global Gaming, and Vig (VIVO GAMING). In some cases, New Jersey online casinos offer live craps for residents of The Garden State to play. However, they limit these games to people living in their state. Take live Sic Bo or regular online craps into consideration if you live In The United States Of America.

Playing Live Craps Outside Of The United States Of America

If you live outside of The United States Of America, you have a lot more options. For example, more software providers produce live dealer craps, and you can find more real money casinos that have the game. More specifically, Microgaming, Evolution, Novomatic, and Playtech offer the game with real-dealers.

What Is Live Sic Bo?

Live Dealer Sic Bo or ‘ Live Sic Bo’ is a traditional Asian casino game. People from all over the world can play this dice game for real money and Bitcoin online at top gambling sites. Furthermore, this dice game allows you to gamble money against an actual croupier using life-like dice from your mobile Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. The online casinos that don’t offer live dealer craps usually have live Sic Bo in their real money casino studio. Ultimatley, if you like to shoot dice, you can switch over to playing this Chinese dice game against a dealer live from your Smartphone or tablet.

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While you cannot physically hold the dice, the croupier can help dice shooter by rolling the dice from them as they steam this real money Chinese dice game. If you have ever been to an Asian casino, you have probably run into Sic Bo. Over the last few years, US live casinos started to carry Sic Bo.

If you play Sic Bo online against a live dealer in a casino studio, you can watch them handle and roll the dice for you. If you like to play real money craps or Sic Bo at a land casino, you will love playing it from your desktop or laptop computer in real-time. You can get the same excitement and socialization aspect of playing dice games at a land casino when you play live dealer Sic Bo.

What Are The Big Differences And Similarities Between Sic Bo And Craps?

Indeed, live craps and the Sic Bo dice game are similar but different in many ways. In general, when it comes to gamble on dice games, luck is more important than skill in most cases. Unlike blackjack and Online Poker, Sic Bo and Craps are games of chance, not skill.

First of all, let’s talk about how real money craps are similar to the Sic Bo dice game. Both games use dice to roll as players place their bets. Ultimately, this is different than wheels in roulette and playing cards in blackjack or poker. In both dice games, there are a sucker and smart bets. Lastly, when playing these live dealer online games, both are basic on the luck of single roll of the dice.

THe Differences

The most significant difference is that Sic Bo doesn’t require as much thinking as craps. When you play Sic Bo, you place bets on a combination of what will appear on the face of the dice. Also, you can wager on the total of the combined dice. In craps, you only roll the dice ‘or place a bet’ once. After you roll the dice, you watch to see if you win or lose.

Another big difference is that craps use two dice, while Sic Bo uses three. Some say craps gives you better odds, while you can get more significant payouts playing SicBo. The types of wagers you can make are Doubles Bets, Triple Bet, Small Bet, Odd Bet, Bit Bets, and Even Bets.

Odds To Win Or House Edge

In real money craps games, there are come/don’t come bets and pass/don’t pass wagers. Ultimately, these wagers offer a house edge from 1.35% and 1.41%. If you are betting evens/odds or small/big, the house edge is 2.8%. These odds are comparable to European Roulette. However, they are worse betting odds than craps. When it comes to payouts, SicBo bets payout between 50-to-1 and 60-to-1. Ultimately, this is much higher than craps.


What Are Differences Between Live Dealer Craps and Online Craps?

Those that want to play craps for real money at an onlne casino, you can still play without a live dealer. However, you will be playing the video version of craps. Now, let’s look at some differences between real money craps and live craps.

Playing Craps Online

When playing online craps, you will see graphics that a computer generates from the online casino software provider. Furthermore, you may be using Abobe Flash, or another version using the Internet HTML5. While there are no real croupiers, you will see an animated version of craps on your mobile Smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop computer.

First of all, online casinos use a random number generator to generate a result. Otherwise known as an RNG, the random number generator technology starts at land casino resorts in the 1980s. Ultimately, the Las Vegas casinos start to use this technology on slot machines as well as video poker games.


Play Live Dealer Craps

Imagine shooting the dice at a land casino. Now, once you open up the Sic Bo game, you will be able to roll the dice and play against a live dealer. Ultimately, online casinos stream these live dealers from a studio. Remember, these games are one hundred percent real and in real-time. The great thing is that you can even talk and socialize with the dealer, pit boss, and other players.

Where Can I Play Online Craps For Real Money?

First of all, you need to select the best online casino. Remember, you are going to put your hard earned money on the line. Therefore, you have to be able to trust these real money gambling sites. More specifically, you have to trust the real money betting app to pay you on time and in full. Also, you will want to look for excellent bonuses and offer good banking options and methods. If you live in The United States Of America, you can choose one of the best live casinos we put on the top of this review page.

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What Are The Advantages of Live Dealer Craps?

Indeed, playing live dealer craps has several advantages or perks. First of all, live craps are one of the few casino games that doesn’t require much strategy or skill. However, even though it doesn’t take much strategy or skill, the betting odds of winning are good. The only other game that has better odds is European Roulette with the “en prison” or “la partage” rules. Also, standard baccarat has a comparable return to player percentage.

The Betting Odds

When it comes to playing live craps, you have a house edge of between 1.35% and 1.41%. However, this is for the simple bets. Some longshots have worse odds but offer more significant returns. That said, different variants of poker and real money blackjack provide better odds of winning. However, you have to learn and master the poker and blackjack strategy to get the best return to player percentage in poker or blackjack. When playing live craps, you will need to determine which one of the wagers to place and which bets you need to stay away.

Social Community

Social casino games are great, enjoyable, and you can even win real money. Live craps are just as social of a casino game as playing at a land casino resort. Ultimately, the atmosphere has a sense of camaraderie. Furthermore, this camaraderie has everyone at the table thrilled and routing for you and everyone to win. Said differently, when you wager on the come/pass bet line, it offers a friendly social atmosphere.

The Thrill And Adrenaline Rush Of The Live Game

Whenever you are at your laptop or desktop computer shooting the dice, you can use a live chat feature. With most live casinos, the chat feature is similar to Skype, Facebook, and other social chat features. If you have ever played in a real money bingo hall, the social chat feature is identical. It is nice because you can route for yourself and route for other players to win.

Want A Tip?

If you decide to play live craps online for real money, don’t worry about tipping the dealer. When you are at land resorts, it is usually good etiquette to tip the dealer. However, tipping the croupier takes away from your return of investment. At the live casinos, we recommend, there is no need to tip.

Learn Live Craps Basic Strategy

So, are you interested in learning some strategy to help you build up your real money betting bankroll? Well, if you play craps or any casino game, you cannot guarantee you win unless you cheat to discover how to get control over the dice. You are not going to cheat, and nobody can control the dice. That said, a lot of folks feel dice control is exciting. However, we have yet to find any scientific evidence that it works. Also, we do not condone cheating in any way, shape, or form.

With live craps or any real money casino game where you have the house edge, you have to form a strategy where you can reduce the house edge more. Some people use betting systems like progressive betting and the martingale system. At, we don’t find any scientific evidence that progressive betting or the martingale system work. Moreover, we feel that you should only bet your money on the wagers the offer the best house edge. In the paragraphs below, we will tell you about the different types of bets that offer you a favorable house edge.

Helpful Tips To Learn Strategies To Play Live Dealer Craps Sucessfully

Once you start playing live dealer craps, there are some essential tips you should take into consideration. You may be thinking, ‘the game has no strategy and requires very little skill’, right? Well, yes, that is correct. However, you should understand which types of bets offer you the best odds to win. Sometimes you can bet on a proposition bet in craps that offers a 1.35% house edge. In other cases, you can place a bet that offers a 16.00% house edge, which is known as a classic sucker bet. Therefore, it is imperative to learn the best craps best.

The Pass Line Bet

A Pass Bet (or a pass line wager) is the most basic bet you can make. First of all, you are betting on the dice shooter to win. With the pass bet, you have a 1.41% odds of winning. Hence, it is the second best bet in craps.

The Don’t Pass Bet

If you want to bet against the dice shooter, you can place this bet. Ultimately, people refer to betting against the dice shooter as a “Don’t Pass Bet”. With this wager, you have 1.35% odds of winning, which makes it the best craps bet. In a sense, you are betting on the casino to win. Also, betting against the person shooting the dice is completely acceptable at casinos and legal. Keep in mind, if you win, don’t make a big deal about it.

Come Bet

If you don’t know what the come bet is, it is almost the same as the pass line bet. However, you make the come bet after the point is set. Furthermore, the point is the number that the dice shooter rolls on the
come-out roll. For instance, if the gambler shooting the dice rolls 12, 11, 7, 3, or 2, it isn’t rolled. Therefore the casino pays out the bets and sets the points. After that, the dice roller must shoot the same number prior to rolling a seven to win. Remember, people refer to the number that the casino requires to win is “The Point”.