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Net Entertainment Partners With Betsafe On New Live Casino Expansion

NetEnt Partners With Betsafe On New Live Casino Expansion

NetEnt remains one of the leading gaming content developers in the world. The Betsson Group’s Betsafe brand is a market leader in online casino sites. Together, this would make a rather powerful combination for any industry collaboration.

The project at hand is Live Casino. The project at hand is further expansion into the regulated Eastern European market. A new partnership between NetEnt and Betsafe brings live-dealer table games to Lithuania.

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When Will NetEnt Officially Partner With Betsafe On A New Live Casino Expansion?

Covered on the company website, the live games made their debut in that country following a successful integration process. NetEnt’s entire portfolio of live casino games have just gone through a major revamp.

A series of enhancements were added to improve the entire gameplay experience. This includes various upgrades to the user interface. Navigation tools were improved to make the game designs more intuitive.

In addition to improving the overall product, NetEnt also released two new live products. Expanding the list of Live Roulette variations is Auto Roulette Studio. Bolstering the Live Blackjackcollection is Perfect Blackjack. Both are now available to Betsafe players in Lithuania.

There two new additions round out NetEnt’s entire portfolio of Live Casino games. The new Auto Roulette Studio is made up of the following three live game variations:

  1. Classic Auto Roulette
  2. Rapid Auto Roulette
  3. VIP Auto-Roulette

The terms of this new partnership in the Lithuanian market include an exclusive engagement with Betsafe. NetEnt Live will be the only Live Casino provider with the Betsafe brand for eight weeks. The live games will only be available through the Betsafe online gaming site.

Andres Rengifo is the Director of NetEnt Live. He added his thoughts about this exclusive arrangement:
“We have worked tirelessly over the last year to transform the live casino player experience. And it is great to see out efforts pay off with new partner launches and market entries such as our integration with Betsafe.

He went on to add:

“Betsafe is a major brand in Lithuania and we value our relationship and co-operation with them. We have high expectations for the market and couldn’t find a better operator to enter the market with.”

Also weighing in on this marketing arrangement was Kaido Ulejev. He is the Commercial Director CEECA at Betsafe. His thoughts included:

“We’re delighted to be the first operator in Lithuania to launch NetEnt Live’s content and expect their games will be a big success with our players. With the recent additions and upgrades to their portfolio, the company is at the top of the market. And we look forward to seeing how its live casino offering progresses.”

NetEnt is also undergoing some major changes to its overall corporate structure. It has entered into an agreement to sell the company shares to Evolution Gaming. This is another industry giant with a huge presence in the Live Casino gaming segment.

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The combination of these two leaders in the online casino gaming industry positions both for increased market distribution and market dominance.

• Source: NetEnt launches live casino in Lithuania with Betsafe From On August 19, 2020.


NetEnt Stays Busy In The Live Casino Gaming Segment

NetEnt Stays Busy In The Live Casino Gaming Segment

Online casino gambling is a booming business these days. Most of the land-based gambling venues have reopened their doors follow a March shutdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, more and more real money gamblers have turned to online play for any number of reasons NetEnt has been staying busy offering their real money gambling customers more games in the live casino gaming segment.

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How Is NetEnt Staying Busy In The Live Casino Gaming Segment?

A big driving force behind increased online play is Live Casino. This sector of the gaming industry has successfully bridged the gap between land-based casinos and online sites. Playing table games with the use of live dealers brings the action right to a desktop or mobile device.

The last few months have been especially busy for NetEnt Live. This has grown to become one of the biggest players in the game.

English has long been the default language for live play but that is changing. A few examples include:

  1. Turkish Blitz Blackjack
  2. German Roulette
  3. Roulette Italia

These are just a few examples of how NetEnt has expanded its capabilities to reach specific markets through local operators. All three of the games listed above are available on a 24/7 basis. This unique marketing approach will continue to expand in the coming months.

NetEnt has also been making a concerted effort to expand its customer base. The addition of some high-profile online casino brands is driving this campaign. Strategic partnerships with Twin Casino, Wallacebet, and 888 Casino top the list.

Targeting specific geographic markets is also part of the expansion plan. A recent deal with Jetbahis establishes a stronger presence in the regulated Turkish gaming market. You can also add Discount Casino as a Turkish facing online casino partner.

One of the biggest partnerships in recent months was with Royal Panda as a highly recognizable online casino brand. NetEnt Live now offers 21 different Live Casino tables through that site.

Real Money Gamblers can join a new table without having to go back to the Live Casino lobby.

Along with the company’s aggressive expansion plans, product improvement and upgrades has been a hot topic. The entire live interface has been updated. One example is ‘jump to function’ feature for network branded tables. Players can join a new table without having to go back to the Live Casino lobby.

The heart and soul of NetEnt has always been its world-class gaming content. This is the backbone of the company and the key to unparalleled success. Quite a bit of work has gone into designing a Live Baccarat offering. This concept was first presented in February at this year’s 2020 ICE trade show in London. The target date for release is set for some time in October.

Also in the works is a planned November release for Max Roulette. This will be a highly volatile version of that popular live table game. Previews include talk of multipliers capable of producing big wins.

The pending sale to another huge gaming company, Evolution Gaming should only enhance NetEnt’s recent efforts. The combined force of these two industry giants will no doubt have a major impact. Especially in the realm of Live Casino games.


Live Dealer Roulette Betting Tips

Live Dealer Roulette Betting Tips

One of the most exciting ways to enhance online casino play is live dealer games. The most common Live Casino offerings cover varied versions of Roulette. This remains one of the most popular casino table games. It is also one of the most easiest table games to play.

Live-dealer Roulette is the closest thing to playing this game on the Las Vegas Strip. There are any number of real money casino sites offering fast and easy access to live Roulette games. There are also some basic betting tips that can boost your overall return.

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What Are Some Live Dealer Roulette Betting Tips?

The first tip is to understand the basics of this game. There are 18 Red numbers and 18 Black numbers from one to 36. An American Roulette wheel adds a Green zero and double zero. A European Roulette wheel only has one Green zero.

That one less Green number might not sound like a big deal. However, playing a European version of Roulette does improve a player’s odds. The American version with a zero and double zero improves the house edge.

That added house edge is more than you might think. The house edge in European Roulette is 2.7 percent. It moves to 5.3 percent on an American table with the added double zero.

Whenever possible, look for Live Casino sites offering European Roulette.

The next basic tip is understanding the course of play. A single round of Roulette involves the spin of the wheel. Bets are placed while the ball is spinning to a certain point. It will eventually come to rest on one of the 36 red or black numbers. It can also land on the green zero.

Given the nature of this game. One spin of the wheel has no correlation to recent spins. Just because an even number comes up five times in a row does not increase the probability an odd number comes up next.

If you remember just one thing, remember that every spin of the Roulette wheel has the exact same probability. Posting recent results of previous spins is a marketing ploy used by casinos.

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The main strategy to playing Live Casino Roulette is understanding the various payout odds for specific bets.

The starting point is your total betting bankroll and the minimum/maximum table limits. One of the best reasons to play live Roulette online is lower minimum bets than land-based casinos. Unless you consider yourself a high roller, always look for live Roulette tables with the lowest minimum bet.

Many gambling experts rely on betting systems to improve their edge. The bottom line is that Roulette is still a game of chance that relies heavily on luck. A betting system is simply a formalized approach to placing bets.

The Martingale system suggests doubling your bet following a loss. Since every spin of the wheel is completely independent of the previous one, stick to 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 bets.

The Paroli system suggests you double your bet every time you win. This also works best for basic outside Roulette bets like odd or even and red or black at 1-to-1 payout odds.


Evolution Gaming Adds A New Unique Instant Multi-Wheel Real Money Live Roulette Game

Evolution Adds A Unique Multi-Wheel Live Roulette Game

There is no doubt that Evolution Gaming has helped to define the Live Casino segment. This is through the company’s pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment to innovation. Live casino games streaming with the use of actual dealers or game hosts is the future of online casino gambling.

Taking things up a notch or two, the latest live Roulette game incorporates an exclusive multi-wheel mechanic. The title of this new Live Casino addition is Instant Roulette. This entry into the marketplace will complement Lightning Roulette and Immersive Roulette.

What Kind Of Unique Multi-Wheel Live Roulette Game Did Evolution Add?

The new game was first introduced at ICE 2020 in London early in the year. Instant Roulette offers 12 individual and synchronized Auto Roulette wheels that spin sequentially. The balls drop into place one after the other on the different wheels.

Trigger The Play Now Button On Live Instant Roulette

This rapid pace still allows players to wager at their own pace. What brings everything together is the ‘Play Now’ button. This gives players an unlimited betting window before making that selection. When pushing the trigger on the ‘Play Now’ option, the result is near instant. It stops the wheel closest to the next drop of the ball. This automatically records the result on the wheel where the bet was placed.

Evolution Gaming has designed Instant Roulette to follow all the standard rules of the game. It has also been designed to specifically give players the control over each spin. This lets them set the pace of play even in a live environment.

Todd Haushalter in the Chief Product Officer for Evolution. His comments on the new game were posted on the company website as follows:

“With Instant Roulette we really wanted the player to control the pace of the game. Similar to the RNG experience but with the trustworthiness of live. Each and every player can take as much time as they like setting up their bets. Then, when they are ready, they push the ‘Play Now’ button and boom, they are right there playing on the next available wheel.”

This game is a natural progression of the entire suite of Live Roulette variants. Tables range from basic gameplay to the VIP experience. Tables are also separated by various languages as part of the global appeal.

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Duel Play Roulette combines online play with action at an actual land-based casino. Other options include:

  1. Lightning Roulette
  2. Speed Roulette
  3. Immersive Roulette
  4. Double Ball Roulette

Players can now add Instant Roulette to this list. Casino operators are as equally excited with the overall lineup. This gives their live casino brands the opportunity to engage with their players. The immersive feel of live play is enhanced along with increased player retention.

Multi-camera views add even more excitement to the gaming action.

This lets players follow the movement of the ball in every spin. Attractive features such as Autoplay is also available. Extensive game stats are continually tracked. Chat options with live dealers and other players is included. Scalability expands live play to every type of online gambling device.

• Source: Evolution launches Instant Roulette, a unique multi-wheel Live Roulette game From On July 30, 2020.


Playtech Rolls Out Quantum Roulette And Another New Live Casino Game For Italian Market

Playtech Rolls Out Quantum Roulette And Another New Live Casino Game For Italian Market

When it comes to live-dealer casino table games, Roulette, and Blackjack top the list. Innovative gaming development companies such as Playtech are always looking for new ways to spice things up. That is why there are so many different Live Casino versions available today.

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Adding to its award-winning collection of Live Casino titles, Playtech recently released a new version of each:

  1. Italian Live Quantum Roulette
  2. Italian All Bets Blackjack

Both of these games are marketed exclusively for the Italian Live Casino market. As part of an exclusive distribution agreement with Snaitech, both games are available in the regulated Italian market. Each live game can played through the online casino brand, Snai IT.

Quantum Roulette gives players the opportunity to multiply a straight-up bet up to 500x.

The game features two innovative mechanics: Quantum Boost and Quantum Leap. The actual gameplay has been designed to create a much more immersive feel. This also benefits player retention.

All built-in features are random by nature. This includes the multipliers on any straight-up bets. The Quantum Boost automatically increases multipliers by 50x. Quantum Leap will double or even triple multipliers to provide even bigger win potential. Not only is the game geared towards a particular market, but it is also presented through a high-detail live studio.

Edo Haitin is the CEO for Playtech Live Casino. His thoughts on this new game included:

“Quantum Roulette has been one of our most popular new games last year. And we’re delighted to be exclusively bringing it in Italian and operated by native-speaking dealers.”

Allbets Blackjack is a variation of regular Live Blackjack. Key points of difference include an unlimited amount of players at any given table. There are six optional side bets that can be used along with regular play. This adds a high level of excitement to the game It also gives players more ways to win than the standard version of this popular card game.

The fact that up to six different side bets are available lets the player themself define the online experience.

New technology expanding play to an unlimited amount of players at one live table creates unlimited profit potential. This is an extremely popular feature for online casino operators.

Mr. Haitin went on to add:

“Quantum Roulette and All Bets Blackjack are fantastic examples of the experience-led, innovative gameplay at the heart of our strategy. And having proved highly successful in other markets, we’re confident Italian players will love to play the popular game in their own language.”

Playtech is a gambling software development company that has helped to define the modern industry. Based in Isle of Man, the company was founded back in 1999 when iGaming was in its infancy.

Driven by innovation and imagination, the overall gaming content portfolio is an industry leader in many different ways. The company is also one of the largest suppliers of online gaming and sports betting software in the world.


Playtech And PokerStars Launches The New Spin Win Live Roulette Game

Playtech And PokerStars Launches The New Spin Win Live Roulette Game

Live-dealer table games is one of the fastest growing segments of the real money online casino industry. Playtech has grown to become one of the biggest Live Casino content development companies in the world.

Expanding its presence even further, the company has teamed up with PokerStars for its latest Live Casino release. Expanding on Roulette as one of the most popular table games, the new version is Spin & Win Live Roulette.

How Is The New Live Roulette Game From Playtech and Pokerstars?

The game has been designed to energize the gameplay experience while also boosting player winnings. Spin & Win adds the dynamic of multiplying wins to the mix.

Players have the potential to multiply their winnings up to 100x. What sets this version apart of others is the increased ability to actually land a multiplier. Every straight-up position on the Auto roulette layout is multiplied. It does not get any more exciting than that.

The technology behind this new live game is referred to as ‘innovative augmented reality.’ This accents the already visually engaging aspect of the auto roulette game. It also delivers a highly compelling gameplay experience.

Spin & Win Live Roulette has been added to Poker Stars dedicated multi-table environment. It is available at Playtech’s flagship Live Casino studio in Riga.

Furthermore, this has become widely known for its expansive offering of exclusive live Blackjack tables. Kevin Kilminster is the Head of Innovation at Playtech Live. His thoughts on this new concept were:

“Delivering an innovative, engaging experience is always our top priority when developing new content. And in Spin & Win, we’re confident we’ve delivered a combination of exciting gameplay with great win potential. With every straight-up position multiplied, players no longer have to wait and see if the stars align with single number multipliers. Giving the game an even more compelling feel for all.

Working with PokerStars, he went on to add:

“We’ve been working closely with PokerStars to build their exclusive offering, including a series of new dedicated Blackjack tables and Spin & Win Roulette is a key step in our partnership. 2019 was Playtech’s busiest ever year for new Live Casino releases. And we’re delighted to be continuing that trend this year.”

Spin & Win Roulette made its debut for select regulated markets on May 28. Early feedback from live-dealer Roulette players has been extremely positive.

Playtech was founded back in 1999 when online gaming was in its infancy. Listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange, the overall growth of the company has been phenomenal. With the rapid growth of online gambling, this pace continues to expand on a yearly basis.

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The company has established itself as a technology leader in both the gambling and financial trading industry. It has excelled in the development of popular industry verticals such as:

  1. Casino Games
  2. Live Casino
  3. Sports Betting
  4. Virtual Sports
  5. Bingo
  6. Online Poker

The potential for growth in each of these areas appears to be limitless.

• Source: Playtech and PokerStars launch exclusive Spin & Win Live Roulette From On June 9, 2020.


Ezugi Teams Up With BlueRibbon Software For Latest Live Casino Jackpot Roulette Release

Ezugi Teams Up With BlueRibbon Software For Latest Live Casino Jackpot Roulette Release

Ezugi has grown into one of the leading providers of live-dealer casino games. The company continues to raise the bar in the Live Casino segment with every new game released.

Live Casino table games is considered to be one of the fastest growing segments in the online casino industry. The level of sophistication in design coupled with the presentation technology continues to make major strides. This facet of the real money online casino industry has successfully bridged to gap with land-based casino venues.

Leading the way have been gaming companies such as Ezug and BlueRibbon Software.

For its latest Live Casino release, the internal design team partnered with BlueRibbon Software. This company provides an innovative marketing platform for iGaming operators.

The title of the new game is Live Jackpot Roulette. his game is designed to take players to the next level of excitement. Ezugi provides the game and BlueRibbon implements a jackpot-based marketing solution. This sets the stage for player engagement and retention.

Roulette remains one of the most popular casino table games regardless of the application. Digital versions at online casinos are still a big draw.

The game is featured prominently on casino floors in land-based venues. Roulette has become one of the staple products in any Live Casino portfolio.

Leading the way for live-dealer Roulette, Ezugi’s game portfolio could be the best in the industry.

The company’s expanding library already includes highly popular versions for OTT Roulette and Auto Roulette.

The widescale appeal of Live Jackpot Roulette is tied to the progressive nature of the big win potential. BlueRibbon’s ability to maximize this potential ties everything together. Through back-office capabilities, casino operators can take a customized approach to configured outputs.

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These casino jackpots also include a special features designed to “incentivize player participation.” Players have the ability to increase the overall prize value through continuous session wagers.

Casino operators also have the ability to structure jackpots across the following variables:

  1. Specific timeframes
  2. Event-driven drops
  3. Single and multi-play contests
  4. Local player community awards

Each of Ezugi’s proprietary promotional tools are designed to optimize benefits for individual marketing campaigns. They can also expand gaming opportunities with network-wide draws.

BlueRibbon has forged its reputation in the gaming industry in multiple ways. The company has also collaborated with other leading software brands. Partnerships with prominent operators such as Pariplay and 888casino are part of the company’s expanding resume.

Ben Zairi is the Chief Commercial Officer for Ezugi. He had this to say about his company’s latest endeavor:

“The past year for Ezugi was all about enriching our offering and elevating our services. Now, with state-of-the-art studio facilities, cutting-edge game interface, certificates and licenses from top regulated markets, unique new Asian content, it was time for us to improve our retention and marketing tools.”

BlueRibbon became a natural choice due to its customizable software. This gives operators the ability to manage and control their marketing campaigns. They can also quickly adapt to changing market conditions.


NetEnt Gives Its Live Casino Lobby A Makeover

NetEnt Gives Its Live Casino Lobby A Makeover

Many land-based casino venues will try and reimagine their casino floors with dramatic makeovers. Millions and millions of dollars are spent every year in an attempt to keep up with the changing times.

You could say the same thing about the online casino industry. A redesigned website is much less costly. Yet, the impact on upgrading the playing experience is the same desired result.

When Is NetEnt Giving Its Live Casino Lobby A Makeover?

Whatever Net Entertainment has touched over the years as tended to turn to gold. As one of the biggest gaming content developing firms in the gaming industry, it continues to set the standard. The company’s latest endeavor was to give the live Casino lobby a bold new look. The desired outcome from the change centered on increased player engagement.

As part of a company news release, the changes were covered. NetEnt further enhanced its Live Casino offering with a more player-oriented lobby. Just like the grand entrance to a Las Vegas Strip casino floor, first impressions are lasting.

The company was also going for changes that take a practical approach to design. Making it easier for a player to find what they are looking for tops that list. The new look is shooting for seamless navigation between games in the Lobby and Mini-Lobby presentation.

The new modern design is more user-friendly. It displays the latest information pertaining to the actual gaming tables. This includes vital stats such as:

  1. Winning numbers for Roulette
  2. Available seats
  3. Betting limits: minimum and max
  4. Number of total players

The presentation tiles for each game highlight the live dealer. The background offers a more immersive look and feel. Players will find a more intuitive table order to enable cross promotion among the available games like auto-roulette.

The primary goal of this online casino software is to improve player engagement. This is accomplished by table order and increased availability. The new lobby design also benefits Live Casino operators. They can stick with generic branding options to keep things simple. They also have the opportunity to create a fully customized environment.

Andres Rengifo is the Director of NetEnt Live. His comments summed up the reason for the lobby upgrade as follows:

“As the core of the live casino, the lobby is a vital element to get right. It makes a huge difference – from the first visit to the long term – to the levels of a player’s engagement as well as their experience and brand perception. We believe we’ve created the perfect lobby environment to help set up the ultimate casino player journey.”

Images included in this company news release highlight the points echoed by Mr. Rengifo. As industry leaders in live-dealer table game gambling options, NetEnt is also a trendsetter. Sophisticated online players seek out these live player options because of this kind of attention to detail. This is one gaming company that refuses to rest on its past laurels. It has no interest in maintaining the status quo and the bar for innovation cannot be raised high enough.

• Source: NetEnt Live unveils new-look lobby to boost player engagement From On May 15, 2020.


Real Money Online Casino Software Provider Joins Forces With Authentic Gaming To Offer Live Roulette Games

Real Money Online Casino Software Provider Joins Forces With Authentic Gaming To Offer Live Roulette Games

Partnerships continue to drive growth and expansion throughout the iGaming industry. Often times, a company’s expertise in one segment of the industry is the perfect complement for another company’s strong suit. Recently, we saw this real money online casino developer Novibet team up with Authentic Gaming to offer live dealer roulette games.

Indeed, this is the case with a new collaboration between Novibet and Authentic Gaming. Novibet has positioned itself as a prominent casino operator brand. It plays a major role in the UK’s real money online casino regulated market. Authentic Gaming is a leading gaming content development company. Its specialty is live-dealer roulette table games.

What Are The Benefits For Novibet To Join Forces With Authentic Gaming In Offering Live Roulette?

This new agreement will integrate the full suite of studio-based live roulette games with Novibet’s existing game portfolio. As an added plus, this arrangement also involves live-dealer roulette options from designated land-based casinos. Live Casino players will have access to the games through Authentic Gaming’s innovative ARENA studio facility.

Nick Bachas is the Chief Business Development Officer for Novibet.

He was quoted as saying:

“We have been following Authentic Gaming with a great interest for quite some time. And appreciate the exciting approach they are taking to live roulette and delivering a superior player experience.”

One of Novibet’s more successful collaborations goes back to November of 2019. The operator first started offering slot games from the renown gaming development firm Red Tiger at that time. This new collaboration should strengthen its position in the expanding live casino market. This includes regulated markets in the UK as well as Greece. The later market has experienced a tremendous response from players in terms of live casino options.

Jonas Delin is the CEO of Authentic Gaming. His thoughts on the situation were:

“Novibet is a leader in Greece. And it is using live casino effectively to grow its brand and customer base where the live vertical is extremely important.”

A few of the live roulette games in the AG collection are:

  1. Blaze
  2. Grand
  3. 24/7
  4. Auto Wheels

Blaze is a cutting edge option delivered in a very classy gaming environment. The live dealer is replaced with a host in a game show format.

Under the heading of a LIVE Banner solution, Mr. Delin went on to add:

“We are thrilled to be contributing to its future growth by providing our full suite of live roulette games including Immersive,. Double Ball, Slingshot auto, and VIP roulette. And we are certain they will be a big hit with Novibet players.”

An Interesting Find: Live American Roulette Versus European Roulette .

The latest innovation is live roulette options tied to actual land-based casino venues. Via Authentic Roulette capabilities, this group of casinos includes:

  1. Foxwoods Resort Casino (USA)
  2. The Royal Casino (Denmark)
  3. Casino International (Georgia)
  4. Bad Homburg Casino (Germany)
  5. Aspers Stratford Casino (London)

Earlier in March, Authentic Gaming reached an agreement with Interwetten. This is another prominent operator that now provides the entire AG LIVE Banner collection. This has created an excellent selection of immersive and distinctive live roulette variants.

As live-dealer casino play continues to catch on, players in many regulated markets should have increased options. This is often recognized as the fastest growing segment of the real money online casino industry.

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BetVictor Online Casino Expands Its Live Casino Selection

BetVictor Online Casino Expands Its Live Casino Selection

BetVictor is already one of the the top-rated real money online casinos for live-dealer table games. The overall selection of options has always received high grades. The latest addition to the lineup could send this site to the head of the class.

Partnering with Pragmatic Play, the site’s live casino will add Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat to the mix. Pragmatic Play Live Dealer options have already elevated the company’s status in the online casino industry. The much-anticipated debut in BetVictor’s live casino is the ultimate win-win-win. Both companies are in that equation along with live-dealer table game players.

How Will BetVictor Online Casino Expand Its Live Casino Selection?

Pragmatic’s Blackjack offering includes five 7-seat tables. Each table will work off a 8-deck shoe. This will be replaced once 50 percent of the cards in that shoe have been depleted.

The game follows standard Las Vegas rules. There are three available side bets:

  1. 21+3
  2. Perfect Pairs
  3. Bet Behind

Moving Along To Live Roulette

Moving to Live Roulette, the games use the European table design with just one green zero. There are actually three different options for this popular table game. Normal Roulette most closely resembles land-based tables on the Las Vegas Strip. Speed Roulette will appeal to players looking for a faster pace of play.

The final version is Macao Roulette, reminiscent of the tables in this Asian casino gambling mecca.

The third live addition is the popular card game Baccarat. There will be five available tables covering both normal and speed play. This game also uses an 8-deck shoe. It will be replenished once the cards are played down to one remaining deck. Available side bets include Big/Small and Pairs. These are available at all five Live Baccarat tables.

The Pragmatic Play options will be a welcomed addition for players. The only other live tables for these games were from Evolution Gaming. Large crowds of players have been known to cause issues in the past.

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Melissa Summerfield is the Chief Commercial Officer for Pragmatic Play. Her thoughts on this extended partnership were captured as follows:

“Our Live Casino portfolio is a point of pride in our multi-product offering. And we are delighted to offer it to BetVictor’s customers under an agreement that deepens our partnership. We have prioritized growing in regulated markets, so it is very exciting for us to expand with such a well-respected UK operator.”

The Director of e-Gaming at BetVictor is Turlough Lally. The director weighed in with the following comments:

“Pragmatic Play’s slot portfolio has been an excellent addition to our offering. So naturally we are thrilled to add their Live Casino content to our offering. Their Live products have a wide scope aimed at players who enjoy a traditional casino experience. And also players who enjoy swifter gameplay, whilst also accommodating mobile players. It is a very good fit for us. And we cannot wait to see how our customers react.”

Pragmatic Play has recently taken a very proactive stance in forwarding its Live Casino distribution. This latest collaboration is a great example of those efforts.