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Casino Software Provider Introduces New LIVE DEALER GAMES For NetBet

Casino Software Provider Introduces New LIVE DEALER GAMES For NetBet

The NetBet casino has long been known for their cooperation with the world’s leading software and content developers, and their games portfolio is second to none in terms of quality, design, and fun factor. One of the providers that NetBet has a long-standing mad fruitful relationship with is Malta-based Pragmatic Play who is behind some of the most popular titles worldwide.
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What New LIVE DEALER GAMES Does This Online Casino Provider Introduce For NetBet?

This month, NetBet and Pragmatic Play are expanding their successful collaboration and the offer on NetBet’s site will now include Live Dealer titles coming from this renowned provider. The Pragmatic Play’s Live Dealer games are in the line with the standards of cutting-edge design and impeccable quality of the games already present in NetBet’s lineup.

The NetBet’s Live Casino section already can offer their players a wide range of games, not much different from what can be found in Vegas, playable across all platforms and featuring virtual dealers. The games are available 24/7 and the portfolio is constantly expanding.

Not Much Different Than What You Find In Las Vegas

Commenting on the news, Claudia Georgevici, PR manager at NetBet casino, said how thrilled people at NetBet are to, after having Pragmatic Play’s games as a staple in their library for so long, be able to now offer their Live Dealer games in the Live casino section of their platform and that she is convinced that the customers will truly appreciate these new additions.

On behalf of the Pragmatic Play, Head of Account Management, Albert Pesca, spoke about how eager everyone at the company is to see how will their Live Casino games perform on NetBet’s platform. He added that Pragmatic Play aims to have gambling operators cooperate with them through multiple verticals, a goal already achieved with the NetBet who already boasts a number of the developer’s slot machines.

The ambition of Pragmatic Play is to ultimately become a one-stop-shop for all iGaming needs.

The Live Dealer games supplied by Pragmatic Play allow online casinos to provide their players with a unique gaming experience that comes as close as possible to playing games at the land-based casino. The Pragmatic Play’s Live Casino solution features a state-of-the-art live studio and engaging and experienced dealers.

Multiple 4k quality cameras enable various angles and a unique and immersive casino experience.

The Live Casino includes most of the most popular games with numerous additional features such as precise game statistics, quick and easy betting, an overview of betting history, and amazing sound effects and animation. Currently, players can try their hand at Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat.

The studio, opened just a year and a half ago, has a 43-table capacity and can be expanded even further. The use of the latest technologies enables high-quality live streaming and advanced interactive features.

Playing Live Dealer games at the NetBet platform allows you to enjoy all of the excitement that the actual casino brings while sitting comfortably at your own home. The NetBet’s platform prides itself on the safety and security it provides for its players helping them keep peace of mind while depositing funds to the account or withdrawing their winnings. The NetBet is not known for resting on the laurels and we can’t wait to see what they have prepared for us next.



Online Casino Software Provider Launches A New Live Craps Game To Play

Online Casino Software Provider Launches A New Live Craps Game To Play

One of the world’s leading providers of Live Casino services, Evolution, is once against pushing the boundaries of online gambling with the release of the first-ever live craps game. The first live online version of the legendary game takes players to a live studio set up to look not much different from the famous speakeasy bars from the beginning of the last century. Evolution developers’ goal was to make the game accessible to a wide range of users making use of the latest technological developments while keeping the spirit of the original Craps games of the past.

Which Online Casino Software Provider Launches A New Live Craps Game To Play?

Evolution’s Chief Product Officer, Todd Haushalter recently said that the addition of Live Craps rounds up Evolution games portfolio which now features all of the games available in classic land-based casinos. He also spoke on how complex and challenging the project of bringing craps to the live casino audience was and how proud he is of the whole team that brought this new game to players. He hopes that Live Craps will help Evolution attract a bunch of new customers from all over the world.

The game itself will be available in both Live and First Person mode.

The First Person RNG version is an immensely entertaining and elegantly designed game. Similar to other Evolution’s First Person titles, it features the “GO LIVE” button enabling players to switch to the live game at any moment.

The Live Craps game as featured on the Evolution game platform is fairly simple and involves predicting the outcome of the roll of two dice. Players can choose between two types of bets. One-Roll Bets are the simplest way for novices to get into the Craps and provide a perfect introduction to the game. They are valid for only one roll and are resolved after each throw. Multi-Roll Bets are a bit more complicated and require a certain number of rolls before the bet is resolved.

The Evolution’s Live Craps offers several interesting types of Multi-Roll Bets guaranteed to provide excitement and true gambling drama for the players.

To help the players just getting into the Craps, the Evolution live game comes with the Easy Mode which is a perfect way for newbies to get started. The betting grid in this mode is smaller and has only the simplest betting spots available. It only includes all the One-Roll Bets and two Multi-Roll Bets – Place to Win’ and Place to Lose’. Novice players can also use the built-in interactive tutorial providing the explanation of all different types of bets. Once you feel that you got the hang of the Craps betting, you can easily switch back to the normal mode of play.

The new Live Craps game comes with several added features to make sessions even more exciting. My Numbers feature shows the number you need to win and potential payouts. It appears every time you bet on a bet spot and it continually updates as you place your bets. It also works the other way around, as you can place your bet directly from My Numbers on all the bet spots corresponding to the selected number.

Also, as you’re placing your bets, the Dynamic Statistics will show all of the action by you and the other players on two screens: Top Numbers and Popular Bets showing the top five dice total results and the top five-bet spots, respectively.

• Source: Evolution launches world’s first online live Craps game from On November 12, 2020.


Micro Poker Tournament Series Offers Big Cash Prizes

Micro Poker Tournament Series Offers Big Cash Prizes

BetOnline’s Micro Tournament Series is here to turn small buy-ins into big cash prizes. The online poker site is ready to bring large prizes from November 18th through the 29th through their low-stakes tournament festival.

The Micro Tournament Series is an unique experience that combines 62 unique events through it’s 12 days; all of them focused on poker and with over $150,000 in guaranteed prize pools. And of course one of the biggest features of the event are the low buy-in prizes. Players can join the event for as low as 55 cents and enjoy a wide variety of card events in a competitive format.

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What Big Cash Prizes Does The Micro Poker Tournament Series Offer?

Some of the games featured in the Micro Tournament Series include: Pot Limit Omaha, No-limit Hold’em, Eight-or-Better, Bounties and beyond. Through their favorite card game interested players will get the chance to test out their skills against other participants and opt for the chance to win o ne of the guaranteed big cash prizes that Micro Tournament has prepared for the tournament.

The main event will take place on the 29th of this month and includes a $20,000 guaranteed prize pool. Combined with a buy-in cost of just 11 it’s definitely ensuring that the Micro Tournament Series will end with a bang. However every single event counts with at least one event with a guaranteed prize over a thousand dollars. Which means all players will get a chance to play for big cash prizes on their favorite poker variant. Likewise there isn’t a single buy-in cost that goes above $11 and outside of the largest events the highest cost tends to sit around $5.50. This ensures players get a lot of unique events to choose from with low buy-in prices and rewarding prizes.

How To Win The $20,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool?

Interested players can check the full Micro Tournament Series schedule on the official BetOnline website. But they shouldn’t worry too much as all the different variants of poker are evenly spread across the different dates, and since they tend to repeat every few days all players should have the opportunity to join their favorite game. Those interested should also keep in mind that with a few exceptions most tournament days start at 3pm Eastern Time.

After you sign up for BetOnline through, head to their site. Afterward, you will see they stand out as one of the leading online poker sites and this new Micro Tournament Series is the latest in their long series of events tailor made to satisfy their player base. One of BetOnline’s goals is to ensure all players feel at home in the platform, and this usually comes in the form of various enticing events and promotions like this new tournament. Combined with their state of the art poker technology, the website has made a name for itself as one of the premier poker platforms online.

What More Does BetOnline’s Micro Tournament Series Have To Offer?

BetOnline’s Micro Tournament Series will likely be one of the most important online poker events of the year. With big cash prizes and low buy-ins coupled with BetOnline’s reputation, the tournament festival is expected to see a lot of players and buzz. One way or another the upcoming 12 days of poker are going to be an event to remember.




Pragmatic Play, one of the world’s top online casino content providers, has just come out with a new innovative title, the Mega Wheel. The new game is a unique addition to the live casinos offering, but it has a familiar feel of ultra-popular game shows we’re used to seeing on TV.

Like its TV counterparts, the Mega Wheel is intuitive and simple to play and understand. It takes place in Pragmatic Play’s very own live studio and features fun and entertaining presenters. The studio itself is designed to mimic the TV experience with dynamic lights and sounds changing as the wheel turns and the game progresses. Multiple 4K cameras surrounding the set add to the immersive game show atmosphere. Also, they let you watch as the game unrolls from whatever angle you like.

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The new Pragmatic Play game is available to a wide range of customers, featuring English as an operating language, but over 20 additional UI languages are available and over 100 currencies are accepted.

Players are able to access their betting history and strategize their future bets accordingly. During the game, you’ll be able to chat with the engaging hosts helping you get the most out of the Mega Wheel experience. The game is live 24/7 so you can try your luck whenever you feel like it. It’s accessible across all platforms and you can play it on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

What Are The Mega Wheel Rules?

The rules are simple and easy to understand. Anyone who has already enjoyed similar games on the TV will already have a pretty good understanding of how it works.

The large wheel in the center of the set is divided into 54 differently colored segments each with a number at the end of it. the Mega Wheel numbers are 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40. The road to winning is simple, all you have to do is place the bet on one of these numbers and hope that the wheel lands on the one you’ve selected. The players have 15 seconds to choose their numbers before the host spins the wheel.

The Pragmatic Play has also added some unique features that make the Mega Wheel stand out among the similarly themed games. You’re not limited to betting on only one number and, in fact, you can choose as many as you like. Also, in each round one of the numbers will be selected and designated as a “Mega Lucky Number”. Hitting that number will multiply the player’s winning by an incredible 500 times.

What Are The Mega Wheel Payouts?

The Mega Wheel payout depends on the number you’ve selected. Lower numbers have lower payouts and vice-versa. Your potential winning is calculated by multiplying your bet with selected numbers. This means that by betting on a single number you can potentially win 40x your bet. Of course, lower numbers are much more frequent on the wheel, providing you with more chances to win, but also, a lower payout.

Mega Wheel is a landmark in live games development by Pragmatic Play and perfectly suits their extensive portfolio of slots, bingo, and other live casino games . With their offer expanding every month, we can’t wait to see what’s next.


Software Developer Launches Speed Baccarat Gold, A New Live Baccarat Casino Game

Trusted Live Casino Software Developer Launches Speed Baccarat Gold, A New Live Baccarat Casino Game

One of the largest and most respectable providers of online casino solutions, NetEnt, is adding another live title to its already impressive portfolio which includes table games such as blackjack and roulette. The latest arrival is the live Baccarat casino game, touted by the developer as the “high-speed, scalable product” which should satisfy the needs of a diverse community of players constantly in demand for the varied and exciting gaming experience.

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Which Trusted Live Casino Software Developer Launched Speed Baccarat Gold?

The new offer from NetEnt consists of three speed Baccarat tables. Two of those will feature a live dealer and take place in the physical studio. The people at NetEnt hope that this will bring the experience of gambling at the comfort of your own home as close as possible to the feeling of being at the actual land casino. Each table will feature highly-experienced and trained dealers and two camera angles providing players with a chance to fully immerse themselves in the game. The new product is highly scalable, meaning it will be available to an unlimited number of players at the same time and the seats are always available.

The other option in this lineup is the stand-alone Baccarat table powered by the developer’s chroma- key technology suitable for most online casinos. This is the more affordable solution for gambling platforms that can be seamlessly plugged into their existing offer. This environment features a single bluescreen table which is the only one that the players can see. It can be branded by the casinos in any way they like.

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The new live Baccarat is available across all platforms and can be played on desktop, tablets, and smartphones supporting all major operating systems and browsers.

f you prefer to gamble on your phone, you’ll be able to choose between landscape and portrait mode. As is the case with other NetEnt’s live casino games, the player and table statistics are always available during the game. The tables feature a wide range of limits, making them appealing to the wide and diverse range of players.

Why Is This New Live Baccarat Casino Game Just One Of Many Products By Net Entertainment

The live Baccarat casino game is just one of the numerous new products coming out of NetEnt following the development of their own Physical Studio. New development allowed the Swedish provider to expand even further securing deals with leading gambling operators through Europe and making big strides in the United States.

NetEnt has recently reached deals with The Cordish Companies and Wind Creek Online in an effort to gain a firm foothold in the North American market. They will be supplying these platforms with content and software hoping to increase their profile among the US audience and make even greater breakthroughs in this market.NetEnt is also present in Canada, since 2018, through their deals with International Game Technology and British Columbia Lottery Corporation. The future plans for NetEnt include a merger with Evolution Gaming, a move that will create a true juggernaut in the field of casino software and content.


Discover New Real Money Hold’em Poker Games From The Microgaming Company

Discover New Real Money Hold'em Poker Games From Microgaming

Premier online casino developer Microgaming has announced it’s an upcoming lineup of new Hold’em Poker games. Announced just last week the online gambling giant has chosen to expand on its game selection through the classic and beloved Poker.

Of course, the most interesting aspect of the news is its timing. Microgaming’s announcements come not too long after the unfortunate closure of their online poker network. Microgaming Poker Network offered players a place to enjoy poker in all its variants, but this year saw its closure after 16 years of continued service.

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Discover New Real Money Hold’em Poker Games From Microgaming

With this announcement, live poker aficionados can rest assured that their favorite game still remains a firm priority in the company. Hold’Em Poker will be the first game released under this new game wave. However, players won’t have to wait too long for the rest of the collection. Lucky Showdown has been confirmed as the next game Microgaming will release as part of this project, and a full announcement can be expected soon.

For Microgaming fans, Hold’Em will represent an interesting evolution in the way the company is leading its game. Of course, the usual brand of quality will remain as usual, and players can expect a safe and reliable framework to stand behind their games. But with Hold’Em Poker the company is aiming at new ways to increase the enjoyment of its player base.

Hold’Em Poker is an innovative spin on the traditional Texas Hold’em format.

The key focus lies on being able to immerse the players in a realistic environment. In short, the game goes beyond offering live casino gameplay and fully aims to replicate the casino experience online. This fresh and modern take on a tried and true classic is an indication of the direction the company is taking on the real money gambling world post-MPN.

Wheel Mechanic To Randomize Prize Pools, & Progressive Jackpots

Players can expect a fast-paced experience that has been thoroughly optimized for mobiles. Playing under a sit and go tournament-style all it takes is €5 to join. On top of the immersive design, Hold’Em Poker also adds a wheel mechanic to randomize the prize pool, and the progressive jackpot seeds at €25,000, making it one of the most appealing options in the market.

The company will debut Hold’Em Poker through two separate phases. Select customers, and clients will be able to try out the game as soon as December 1st; through an early release that will include the full suite of functions and modes. For everybody else, they can expect to join the action on December 9th, the official global release date.

So far, no announcements have been made regarding the release or mechanics of Lucky Showdown, but Microgaming will likely state the release date of Hold’Em Poker grows closer.

While the closure of Microgaming Poker Network was a heavy blow to both the community and the company, these recent announcements show there’s no need to be concerned. Microgaming will continue to expand its gaming repertoire as it has done for years, and thanks to hat gambling, lovers worldwide will get the quality games they are used to.

Source: Microgaming announces new poker offering From On October 28, 2020.

GrooveGaming Teams-Up With Pragmatic Play Company In Expansion Deal

Pragmatic Play Teams-Up With GrooveGaming Company In Expansion Deal

Pragmatic Play has grown to become a household name in the gaming content development industry. The company’s gaming portfolio is comprehensive covering the most popular verticals. However, there are still more regulated markets to conquer in its global effort to top the list.

Pivotal to that conquest is the expansion of its casino operator network covering all the regulated markets in the world. The next step in that process was a forged partnership with GrooveGaming.

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Why Does Pragmatic Play Team-Up With GrooveGaming In An Expansion Deal?

This company has made its own name in the industry as a comprehensive gaming platform. It offers complete iGaming software solutions for any online casino. The site also offers its own portfolio of options covering casino games, sportsbook, and lottery options.

A press release on the Pragmatic Play website detailed the new partnership. The distribution deal includes all the company’s verticals from slots to Live Casino titles.

A few of the newest and most popular slot titles include:

  1. The Dog House Megaways
  2. Emerald King
  3. Wild Walker

The live casino table games cover the favorites such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. Live versions of Roulette are available in multiple languages.

GrooveGaming was a logical choice given its overall scope and range of existing products. This highly popular online platform offers more than 5,000 casino games. It also offers a wealth of aggregated content covering every online gaming vertical. This is made available for casino operators via an easy integration process.

As Vice President of Pragmatic Play, Lena Yasir stated:

“We never stop looking for premium partners who can put our various casino verticals in front of a wider audience. And GrooveGaming are capable of doing that. GrooveGaming’s end users will find some of the best slots and Live Casinos titles available through the platform. And we’re eager to see how they perform.”

Also quoted in the release was GrooveGaming COO Yahale Meltzer. This comments included:

“Bringing in yet another content provider as successful as Pragmatic Play is testament to the quality of our casino offering. And this relationship will allow us to better service our partners with bespoke content for their specific needs.”

The added comment was directed at Pragmatic Play’s role in the Live Casino segment:

“Live Casino has seen significant success in recent months as players have tended to stay home. So we expect this to be a major sell-in to our partners. While the quality of Pragmatic’s slots and table games goes without saying.”

There is no rest for the weary at Pragmatic Play. This is one gaming content company that is never satisfied with its past accomplishments. The commitment to release up to five new slot titles every single month remains in place.

This does not include regular new game releases for Bingo and Live Casino gaming verticals. Best of all, the entire game portfolio at Pragmatic Play is available through one single API integration.

GrooveGaming is another gaming industry company that would never get caught standing still. The overall diversity of the products and services offered is all the proof needed.



Age of the Gods: Gods of Storms Live Slot & Age Of the Gods Bonus Roulette Games Come to Italian Market

Playtech Live Dealer Casino Games Coming to Italian Market

Playtech, the world’s leading gambling tech company is set to gain a foothold in the Italian live casino market with the release of the Age of the Gods game. This makes Playtech the first one to bring a Live Jackpot to this very important market. The company has already, with great success, introduced the game in several other countries, and they reasonably hope that it will have a similar reception among the Italian players.

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What Playtech Live Dealer Casino Games Are Coming to Italian Market?

The Age of Gods, now available to Italian gamblers, is a hugely popular live jackpot game with its theme built around the ancient Greek gods and goddesses, set against the background of the legendary Mount of Olympus. Players can try their luck in winning one of four progressive jackpots, even if their spin is a losing one. This is achieved through mystery triggers activated while playing the Age of the Gods: Gods of Storms Live Slot or Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette.

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About Age of the Gods: Gods of Storms Live Slot or Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette

The Bonus Roulette is a combination of classic roulette gameplay and a brand new side game which is triggered by a successful bet on a bonus position. The single-slot line with the Age of the Gods characters will appear with each of them acting as a multiplier. The three same symbols can multiply your winnings between 5 and 10 times.

The other game where you can activate the Age of the Gods mystery trigger is the Gods of Storms Live Slot, a specific “communal” slot where all the players play the game together. The game is led by a live studio-based host and features Free Spin Bonuses never before seen in live arena gaming.

Live Dealer Casino Pros and Cons.

New Live Jackpot and the future success of the Age of the Gods on the Italian Market

People at Playtech have high hopes for the introduction of the new Live Jackpot and the future success of the Age of the Gods on the Italian market.

When commenting on the launch, Edo Haitin, the Managing Director at Playtech Live Casino, spoke of the Italian gambling market’s importance and the company’s effort to bring their Live Casino offerings to this territory. He added that the first Live Jackpot introduction will reinforce Playtech’s status as the leading and most innovative Live Casino games provider in this region. He hopes that the Age of the Gods can build on God’s success of Storms Live and Bonus Roulette and provide local operators with great cross-sell opportunities.

Playtech, founded in 1999, has been holding a leading position in the financial trading and gambling industries for some time now. It’s premium listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. They provide software, services, and content solutions across some of the industry’s most valuable verticals such as live casino, virtual sports, sports betting, poker, and bingo. They championed the omni-channel gambling tech with their Playtech ONE integrated platform technology.

Playtech provides the technology on a B2B basis to some of the leading operators and retailers in the field, government entities such as lotteries, and land-based casinos. The head office of the company is in the Isle of Man, and they employ a total of 5.900 people in 19 countries.

Playtech Doubles Its Live Casino Studio Space In Romania

Playtech Doubles Its Live Casino Studio Space

The continued growth of live-dealer casino table games has been phenomenal. This has become the primary growth engine for the entire online casino industry. Live Casino is available on a global basis in most regulated markets. Online casino operators remain committed to bridging the gap with land-based casino venues.

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How Does Playtech Double Its Live Casino Studio Space?

The number of online casino gaming content developers producing live casino games remains limited. One of the primary gaming companies on that list is Playtech. Through a recent press release on the company website, plans to increase live studio space were revealed.

The expansion of its Live Casino capabilities is considered significant. The base of this expansion will take place in the company’s Romanian Live Casino operations. This is designed to meet increased demand in the local market as well as on an international basis.

Dedicated studio space covers live-dealer play for:

  1. Blackjack
  2. Roulette
  3. Baccarat

Playtech offers different variants for all three of these popular casino table games. Original plans for expansion were geared towards the Romanian regulated market. Plans were altered to meet growing demand on a larger scale.

There are native-speaking dealers for Romania. Dealers also cover English, Spanish and Italian-speaking markets. By doubling the size of the existing studio, more operator needs can be satisfied.

Increasing the size of the studio will allow Playtech to double the number of live tables now offered. Dealers will be expanded to cover the Greek and Columbian markets once the expansion project has been completed.

Artyom Moskvin is the Live Country Manager in Romania for Playtech. His comments on the studio expansion included:

“ The unprecedented extension of our Live Casino facility here in Romania reflects not only the significant growth of the local market. But also the major expansion of Playtech’s Live Casino business internationally.”

He went on to add:

“By investing in the development of our facilities now, we can support the existing building demand for our services as well as planning for future growth. Expansion into newly regulating markets is at the core of Playtech’s long-term strategy. And by offering additional capacity and native-speaking dealers for a growing range of languages, we can prepare our business and our partners for an exciting next stage for Live Casino services.”

Overall, Playtech offers Live Casino games from five different studio locations on a global basis. It employs live dealers to support live table play in nine different languages.

Playtech was founded in 1999. It has been premium listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. The company serves the gambling and financial trading industries.

Known as a leading technology company, it continues to deliver business intelligence-driven software products. It also offers content and platform technology across the gaming industry’s most popular product verticals.

The short list includes casino, live casino, sports betting, virtual sports, bingo and online poker. Considered a pioneer of omni-channel gambling technology, it has a strong expertise in integrated platform technology. The primary product in this realm is Playtech ONE.

• Source: Playtech doubles dedicated Live Casino space in Romania From On October 5, 2020.

NetEnt And BetMGM Join Forces In West Virginia Regulated Casino Market

NetEnt And BetMGM Join Forces In West Virginia Regulated Casino Market

The state of West Virginia is one of the newest US markets for online casino gambling. The Mountaineer State went live on July 15 on this year. One of its biggest casino operators is BetMGM . In the coming weeks, it will begin to integrate NetEnt content onto its online betting platform in this state.

This is a historic event for both companies. This will mark NetEnt’s official entry into the West Virginia market. It had received a temporary license leading up to this launch. BetMGM is a product of the GVC Group and MGM Resorts. It is quickly becoming a force in the emerging US online casino and sports betting industry.

Bet Online Live Casino

When Will NetEnt And BetMGM Join Forces In West Virginia Regulated Casino Market?

West Virginia had been identified as a key market for NetEnt and BetMGM. This was one of the first states to legalize sports betting within its borders. It is now part of a group of states looking to expand its online casino industry.

Having two of the most respected companies in the industry join forces on expansion is a significant development. This should set the stage for further expansion into other US markets with legal online gambling.

NetEnt has already created a gaming presence in two major US markets: New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Geographically, this is another reason this latest expansion makes solid business sense.

The company has been reporting triple-digit growth in monthly gross gaming revenue in each state.

Brian Kraft is the Vice President Commercial, Americas for NetEnt. His thoughts of this new partnership on the company website included:

“BetMGM’s rapid success in the US has been impressive. And shows no signs of slowing down. Making this a significant deal for our company as we continue to expand across the country. Thanks to the strong performance of our games locally, the US is now a major revenue driver for NetEnt. And we look forward to working with BetMGM to accelerate growth of both our businesses.”

The VP of Gaming for BetMGM is Matthew Sunderland. He added the following quote:

“We have already seen great success with NetEnt content in New Jersey. Their team really understand what appeals to gaming customers. And I am positive this will serve as a major advantage as we strengthen our existing casino offering in West Virginia.”

September has been a very busy month for NetEnt. In a move to expand distribution in the Pennsylvania market, it went live with Wind Creek Casino. NetEnt casino games will be available online through that casino in the coming weeks.

The tremendous growth of iGaming in the Keystone State as made this the fastest growing market in the country. Wind Creek has already established its land-based casino as one of the biggest in Pennsylvania. Expanding its presence online was a natural progression.

This move will increase NetEnt’s market share in the state. It originally entered PA. last year. The unpresented growth since then has been a major success story for the gaming company. One of the top-performing NetEnt game titles in this market has been Divine Fortune.

• Source: NetEnt expands in the US with BetMGM deal for the newly regulated market in West Virginia From On September 18, 2020.