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Strategies For Winning Real Money At Live Dealer Blackjack Tables

Strategies For Winning Real Money At Live Dealer Blackjack Tables

If you’ve ever sat down at a live dealer blackjack table, or seen people playing blackjack on television, you know that it’s easy to get sucked in and want to play. Winning at the Blackjack Table is possible! In this real money gambling guide, we will cover some keys and strategies for winning real money playing live dealer blackjacks games.

Blackjack is a fun and challenging card game that has changed drastically since Dr. Edward O. Thorp published “Beat the Dealer” in 1961, which gave players tips on optimal play at casino blackjack tables. Yet, like all games, the more you know about successful strategies and insider tips, the better your game experience will be.

What Are Some The Keys and Strategies for Winning Real Money at Live Dealer Blackjack Tables?

The key to winning at a live dealer blackjack table is no secret – follow these simple rules. A few tips will help you win at the casino. Learn how to play a good hand and how to handle yourself in the casino.

Take Time To Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy

Before you even play blackjack on the casino floor, brush up on basic strategies and get to know the rules. After all, you won’t be able to win if you don’t understand how it’s played; luck has its limits.

It’s important to review the key elements of how to play blackjack. These include understanding how the game is dealt, the values of cards and learning your way around the table. It doesn’t matter if you’ve played before, a quick refresher won’t hurt.
Study blackjack strategy. It is important that you know what to do when have a hard hand or a soft hand (when dealt an ace). You also need to know when it’s possible to split and the best strategy for each scenario based on your two cards.

These guidelines will help you play at less than one-half of a percent disadvantage to the house. That’s a small amount—just five cents on a $10 bet—and it will allow you to win on many sessions of play.

Follow The Betting Limits

It is important for players to know the terminology and how they are betting before sitting down at a table. Before sitting at a table, it is always beneficial to scope out the tabled and get familiar with the layout. Start with the basic blackjack game where you can see the table limits. You will know how much you can bet on each hand.

Follow The Live Dealer Blackjack Table Rules

You’ll also want to know the table rules so you’re always clear on what your options are. Learn which two cards you can double down on, and which card leaves a third card that can be split. Make sure you also understand how many times you’re able to double down or split in any given game. Make sure that you are aware of all options, like a surrender and when the time comes to use them.

Discover A Friendly Live Blackjack Dealer

Dealers can make or break your experience at a casino. Find dealers who are friendly and you will have fun. Dealers work for tips and should be nice to you like waitresses are. If they’re not going to give you real money, why are you still sitting at their table?

You can strengthen your relationship with the dealer by occasionally putting a toke bet in for them. This means that you put yourself into the game and make a bet for them. A “toke” is another word for a tip, and you can also hand them a chip to express your gratitude.

You also want to avoid being rude to the dealer and other players at the table. They, too, are trying to enjoy themselves just like you are. In poker, the person who plays the cards does not control what cards are played. You can choose when and how much you want to bet. You should not be mad at other people just because you lost your money. They did not make you lose it.

Play Smart And Understand Your Own Live Blackjack Betting Limits

Remember, blackjack tables at casinos aren’t video games and the stakes at hand are very real.This is real money; your the cash that you have earned through hard work, so be smart and know your personal limits.

Find the level of risk you are comfortable with when betting. You will perform better at blackjack if a certain amount is not going to make or break your night. You can’t win every time you gamble. Sometimes it’s better to just not play at all. If you are not in the mood to have fun and enjoy yourself, then don’t do it.

Be Prepared By Deciding in Advance What You Are Willing to Risk

It’s important to set a budget for yourself before you sit down at the table. Only risk a quarter of your total budget on each buy-in, and adjust if you need to quit or find another table later on in the game.
You are in control of how long you play. If your winnings reach a pre-set limit, or if you lose interest and are no longer winning, quit the game.

Don’t become frustrated when luck is on your side and try to raise the stakes. Your bankroll will thank you, but then again, it might not if you are hungry for a big payout.

Basic Live Blackjack Strategies to Protect Your Chips

To win real money at the live dealer table, follow two basic strategies to protect your chips:

  • Do not take insurance unless you are playing with several people. You need to see 10 on the layout before you take insurance. Otherwise, forget about this bet.
  • When you have 15 against a 10 or 16 against a 9, 10, or ace, use surrender.


Take Advantage of Live Casino Bonuses And Bonus Promotions

Live Casinos want you to put money on the table and spend more in their casino. They offer good perks, but if you do this too much, it will be bad for you.

When you get to the casino, ask for the Player’s Club or guest services. Each club gives you free things when you play their games and slots. You can earn free food, free bets, match play coupons, and other surprises while playing.

When you drink alcohol, your judgment can be cloudy. Try to drink a few drinks but don’t have too much so that you can make good decisions. When playing blackjack, try not to ruin it by making bad decisions because you are drunk.

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VIVO Gaming Expands Their Real Money Gambling Market To European Countries

VIVO Gaming Expands Their Real Money Gambling Market To European Countries

Vivo Gaming, a leader in the live casino market, has plenty to celebrate in the new year. The company has announced the launch of a new live casino studio. The state-of-the-art facility has opened in Bulgaria. The host of the new studio will be the coastal city, Varna. Also, Vivo Gaming has obtained a license from the Bulgarian State Commission on Gambling.

Casino Max Live Dealer Casinos Bonuses

Vivo Gaming Expanding Worldwide

The new live studio is an addition to the provider’s worldwide network of similar establishments. Vivo Gaming already runs live casino studios in the Philippines, Georgia, Colombia, and Uruguay. The move extends an impressive global presence. Gaining a stronger foothold in Europe was the main motivation behind the new launch. For the same reason, Vivo Gaming is also in the process of purchasing the Maltese Gaming License. The company currently has offices in London, Manila, Miami, Buenos Aires, San Jose, Valletta, Tel Aviv, and Skopje.

High-End Live Gaming

The top-notch facility will feature the latest technology in the industry. Games will be hosted by qualified, pleasant, and engaging dealers.

The new studio will provide players with a premium gaming experience

The dealer crew includes native speakers of several languages. This way, players can experience a true face-to-face feel. Seasoned pit-bosses will be in charge of casino floors. All of them bring vast experience from renowned land-based casinos. The deluxe interior surrounding the dealers creates a true luxurious Vegas look.

Games are covered with multiple-view cameras and will stream in HD quality

Vivo Gaming’s Live Dealer games feature the latest HTML5 technology and state-of-the-art graphics quality. The multi-language interface contains all vital information for players. The players will be able to run games on a variety of devices such as smartphones and computers. All major operating systems are supported. This includes iOS 8+, Android 4.4 +, macOS, and Windows. Players can also play directly from browsers using Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

3 New Table Games

For now, the new live studio will feature three table games. Players can enjoy Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, and the VIP Live Baccarat table. In the future, Vivo Gaming plans to extend this lineup even further. The company’s other live studios also feature Live Craps, Sic Bo, Bingo, and many more. We can expect that some of those will be added to the Bulgarian studio soon. This will allow players to enjoy the games they love the most 24/7.

Reinaldo Venegas, VP of Biz Dev Sales at Vivo Gaming, spoke to the media about the new release. He said that the company’s ultimate goal is creating a high-quality environment for players. The gorgeous studio concept goes a long way in achieving this.

About Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming was established in 2010. Over the years, they steadily improved their offer. Now, their live solutions are present in online casinos across the globe. Their team has designed, developed, and managed more than a dozen of studios so far. In their operations, they collaborated with the industry leaders.

Vivo Gaming has partnerships with Betsoft, SB Tech, and Tom Horn. The company now boasts a customizable live gaming portfolio suitable for all kinds of operators.

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Congratulations To The Live Dealer Blackjack Player Starts Off 2021 With A $200K Win

Live Dealer Blackjack Player Starts Off 2021 With A 200K Win

At one of the best live dealer blackjack casinos on the Internet, 2021 couldn’t have started better. One of the players experienced a life-changing event at their blackjack tables. The lucky live dealer blackjack customer left the session $198.218 richer.

Bet Online Live Casino

Amazing Poker Promotions

But, before we dig deeper into this fantastic story, more amazing news from this platform. BetOnline and its sister sites and have prepared awesome poker promotions for the upcoming month. Make sure to check them out. You could easily be the next big winner.

  1. $10.000 Cash Races – Every week, cash game players will share $10.000. Climb the leader boards for a piece of this impressive prize pool!
  2. $5.000 SNG Leaderboards Sit’n’Go players also stand a chance to win big. Weekly SNG and Windfall leaderboards carry $5.000 in prizes. Also, look out for the unique Heads Up SNGs leaderboard coming soon!
  3. $5.000 Super Bowl Freerolls – Week before Super Bowl, you can take part in five daily $1.000 freerolls. Placing among the top 100 players guarantees $10 in Freeplays.
  4. $30.000 Hand Collector – Every day throughout February, qualifying players from All-in Shootouts will be paid $1.000. The prize pool for the 28th Bonus round is even bigger, $3.000. Collecting 3 daily hands/pocket pairs will earn your entry to the All-In Shootout.
  5. $10.000 Casino Poker Leaderboards – Each week, a different designated casino will award points to players participating in poker games. The $2.500 weekly prize pool will be shared between players on the leaderboard. The more points you earn, the bigger share you’ll get.

Also, prepare for the Progressive Knockout Tournament Series. The tournaments will take place between February 14th and 28th.

Lucky Blackjack Player Hits Big

Back to our lucky winner. On January 3rd, a player, known by his “KJT” handle, joined the blackjack table at BetOnline’s Live Casino Red. Likely unaware that he’s about to make history.

On a hand, similar to any other, with a $30 wager, he was dealt a pair of sevens. The dealer was dealt a six. Most of the real money blackjack players would split in such a situation. KJT decided differently.

See, there was something special about his pair of Sevens. Both cards were of the same suit, the Diamonds. At the BetOnline Live Dealer Casino, three Sevens of Diamonds win you the Diamond Super 7s Progressive Jackpot. This jackpot often carries a potentially life-altering reward. You could see that something out of the ordinary was happening. The lady dealer glanced at the pit boss and alerted him of the hand.

Before the next card was drawn, KJT, along with numerous other players watching the game live online, held his breath.

Within moments, the next card came out of the six-deck shoe. It was revealed to be Seven of Diamonds! The amazing $198.218 was in KJT’s hands! We can only imagine the happiness he felt, as he and the casino staff celebrated this fantastic prize.

After the jackpot was won, it was immediately restarted. The new initial value was $65.890.

You, too, can have a shot at a once-in-the-lifetime moment like this. Visit the Live Casino Red at BetOnline and join one of the live blackjack tables for a chance to win the Diamond Super 7s Progressive Jackpot. The tables are manned by experienced and engaging live dealers making players feel as if they were in a real casino.

To qualify for the progressive jackpot, you need just a $1 ante wager for any hand. A piece of all wagers is put into the progressive jackpot fund. Even if you miss out on the big prize, you can still win handsomely. Three red Sevens will win you a Mid Prize of $1.000.

Any three Sevens get you a Mini Prize worth $100.

The live dealer games at BetOnline can be played both on a computer or a mobile device. The action takes place in the actual brick-and-mortar studio. The whole operation is powered by innovative software provided by Visionary iGaming. Besides blackjack, you can also play roulette, baccarat, or Super 6.


New Jersey Online Casinos Offer Live Dealer Casino Games From British Bookmaker

New Jersey Online Casinos Offer Live Dealer Casino Games From British Bookmaker UK Live Casino

In the US gambling industry, 2021 started with a bang. William Hill, the famous UK bookmaker, finally launched its online casino. The British giant has long been of the major players in the world of gambling. Now, William Hill will be one of the leading New Jersey online casinos.

Which New Jersey Online Casinos Are Offering Live Dealer Casino Games From A British Bookmaker ?

Now registered in New Jersey, William Hill will add to the already booming Garden state gaming scene. The new casino will operate under the Tropicana AC license.

Bet Online Live Casino

A Step-by-Step Launch

At the moment, the casino is still in the testing phase. Before full becoming fully operational, it will go through a few stages. William Hill decided to take a gradual approach, eliciting feedback from customers on every step. The lack of a big splash should be compensated for in other areas. This method should result in a better final product. Hopefully, the new casino will provide an optimized player experience. The service will be custom-developed in response to the needs of its future users.

The Current Offer

At the moment, William Hill’s offerings are quite slim. They are yet to develop a proper portfolio to challenge competitors. Currently, there are only 5 games available on the WH app. Roulette enthusiasts can choose between the American and European versions. Card games feature Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack and Casino Hold’em Poker.

The desktop platform is a bit more diverse. Here, you can also enjoy some progressive slot games. The offer includes some big hits such as Divine Fortune, Starburst, and Mercy of the Gods. The slots are traditionally the biggest casino moneymakers. William Hill is well aware of that, and we can expect many more titles in the future.

Cross-Integration Across the Platform

As we know, online players are rarely loyal to just one game. Or just one genre, for that matter. Many dabble both in casino games and sports betting. William Hill will be one of the few platforms offering both. They first made their name as a sportsbook. Today, they’re probably the most recognizable brand in that industry. By adding a casino library, they are making things easier for players. Now, customers can do all their gambling within a single system. The new app will feature a shared wallet for both casino and sportsbook.

A Big Move on the Horizon

Casinos can rarely afford to do the launch William Hill’s way. Rolling out in stages requires a significant financial cushion, that many operators find lacking. Starting slowly means less initial revenue and fewer players. As an already well-established company, Willam Hill can withstand the growing pains. But, there’s another reason they’re able to do things this way.

William Hill was recently been a subject of a bidding war between Caesars and Apollo Global Management. Ceasars eventually prevailed. The $3.7b purchase is set to go forward later this year. This provided William Hill with the necessary financial muscle to perform a methodical and deliberate launch.

A Win-Win Situation

The launch of the new casino should prove beneficial for all parties involved. Caesars will expand their offer with a prominent sportsbook. The projected revenue from the first few months only is near $700 million. They might be able to pay off their investment in a record time. New Jersey will add another big earner to its list of casinos. Online casinos are already raking over $80mil per month in New Jersey. A new player on the market will only increase competition and drive that number even higher.


The Top Online Casino Software Provider Improve Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live

The Top Online Casino Software Provider Improve Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live

Towards the end of the last year, Playtech, one of the world’s top live casino online gaming content providers, launched an exciting new Live Casino game – Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live. Based on the developer’s hit slot machine Adventures Beyond Wonderland, this spin-the-wheel live game quickly became an instant hit in all the live dealer online casinos featuring Playtech’s software.

Casino Max Live Dealer Casinos Bonuses

What’s Adventure Beyond Wonderland Live All About?

The game takes place in a live studio, and players bet on the segments on the wheel which can be either a number or one of the exciting bonus rounds. Besides the big wheel, there are also two auxiliary ones, for the Wonder Bonus rounds. The game is hosted by two live dealers, dressed as the Mad hater and Alice and their two animated helpers, White Rabbit and Caterpillar who appear in the bonus rounds. With immersive and thrilling gameplay and the possibility of winning up to $500.000, it’s easy to see why this game became so popular so fast.

However, Playtech is known for its excellent communication with players. Also, their willingness to implement many of their suggestions into the actual gameplay if they feel it will make their product better. Overall, most of the best online live casino apps have their games. With that in mind, they have recently upgraded the Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live game with several changes, mostly based on players’ feedback.

What’s New?

One of the features added to the original game is the brand-new random multiplier boost which can now be activated during the main spin once the betting time closes. One of the randomly selected number segments on the wheel will be multiplied by 10 for that particular spin.

Also, some changes have been made to the Wonder Bonus round. In the original version, Eat Me or Drink Me bonus wheel sectors influenced your winnings by 30% in either direction if hit. This feature has now made way for +1 and -1 multipliers which are applied to character multipliers and an additional Re-spin.

The catch-all Mystery Caterpillar Multiplier doesn’t multiply the whole of your bet anymore. In the latest upgrade, it features a series of multipliers applied to all betting positions on the wheel. It now triggers a Re-spin determining which position wins.

The Magic Dice Bonus doesn’t double the multipliers only for the color of the dice that hit the 2x square anymore. Now, all multipliers for both colors are doubled, regardless of which dice landed.

All of these changes have influenced the Return to Player percentage for this game. With the updated version, all the betting options provide a more evened-out chance for winning across the wheel.

Here’s a quick overview of RTP movements for the betting positions:

Number 1 – 91.5% > 96.82%
Number 2 – 91.8% > 96.69%
Number 5 – 92.1% > 96.58%
Number 10 – 96.06% > 96.70%
2 Wonderspins – 95.51% > 96.66%
5 Wonderspins – 95.52% > 96.67%
Magic Dice – 94.7% > 96.58%

The updates have made Adventure Beyond Wonderland Live a bit less volatile overall, meaning that smaller wins should now come more often, while the big prizes will be harder to get. Also, unlike the original version, there’s now a possibility of coming out of the bonus round empty-handed, which was never the case previously.

The overhaul of the Adventure Beyond Wonderland Live has made the game a bit more enjoyable, and, although big wins are now harder to come by, plenty of chances for various rewards make the playing experience even more exciting than it used to be. We can only hope that Playtech will continue to have a finger on the pulse of the gaming community and resume the practice of updating their games for the players’ enjoyment.


New Jersey WPT Online Poker Tournament Open Main Event

New Jersey WPT Online Poker Tournament Open Main Event News

As the Covid-19 pandemic hit the live gaming industry hard, the online events have experienced an unprecedented boom, especially when it comes to poker. Most of the major poker events have been moved online and, in addition, plenty of new internet events were created. All of this made for a great year for online poker, and we will likely see more of the same in 2021. And, although the end of the year is near, there is still some exciting poker to be played as we count the last days of 2020.

Bet Online Poker 300x250

New Jersey WPT Online Poker Tournament Open Main Event

Players in New Jersey will have a chance to end the year on a high by taking part in the WPT Online Poker Open Main Event powered by partypoker Us Network. The competition takes place from December 27th to 29th and will mark the first time a New Jersey event will count on the World Poker Tour’s Main Tour.

Adam Pliska, the CEO of World Poker Tour stated that this tournament is another big step and a landmark for regulated online poker in the United States.

The prize pool for the tournament is a cool $1 million, while the winner will have plenty more reasons to celebrate as he will also receive Player of the Year points, a seat at the WPT Tournament of Champions, and a Hublot Big Bang E Titanium watch worth $5.200. All players located in New Jersey will have a chance to compete for the prize even if they’re not Garden State residents. The tournament will be available on any site belonging to the partypoker US network, meaning you can log in and join the competition on,, or

The event will unfold in three stages, starting on December 27th at 5 pm ET and running until level 16. The remaining players will be back in action the day after at 7 pm ET and will play until the final table of 8 is decided. The final table showdown takes place on December 29th and will begin at 7 pm ET. Players will be allowed to register and join the tournament before level 12 ends and unlimited re-entries are also allowed.

WPT Online Poker Open Main Event will be accompanied by three side events:

  1. December 28th – $215 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournament ($20,000 guaranteed prize pool)
  2. December 29th – $535 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournament ($30,000 guaranteed prize pool)
  3. December 30th – $215 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournament ($40,000 guaranteed prize pool)

PokerStars Pennsyl-MANIA Tournament

While most of the attention of the poker world will be turned to New Jersey, Pennsylvania players will also have a chance to end 2020 by joining another big online poker event . The third Pennsyl-MANIA tournament, powered by PokerStars will take place on Sunday. It’s a No-Limit Hold’em tournament with a $200 buy-in and the largest guaranteed prize pool yet seen in Pennsylvania tournaments – $500,000. PokerStars will allow five re-entries while the late registration period lasts. In addition to the main tournament, PokerStars will also host a High roller event on Sunday with a $1,000 buy-in and $50.000 prize pool.


What Are The Biggest Hands from the 2020 Debut of High Stakes Poker?

what are the biggest winning hands in poker 2020

After an almost 10-year hiatus, one of the most popular poker shows ever, High Stakes Poker, finally made its long-awaited return on December 16 on the PokerGO platform. The news has undoubtedly put smiles on the faces of many poker enthusiasts as High stakes Poker’s original run of 98 episodes gave us some of the most exciting and memorable battles in the history of the game. Judging by the first episode of the renewed show, the rebooted High stakes Poker promises to bring more of the same.

Bet Online Poker 300x250

What Are The Biggest Hands from the 2020 Debut of High Stakes Poker?

Filmed at the PokerGO Studio at ARIA Resort & Casino, the 99th episode featured a $400/$800 no-limit hold ’em game with a $200.000 minimum buy-in. The game had a star-studded lineup of some of the most prominent pro players including Tom Dwan, Nick Petrangelo, Bryn Kenney, Jean-Robert Bellande, Rick Salomon, and former Phillies pitcher Michael Schwimmer. Schwimmer, after some pretty active play, left the table in the initial episode of the 8th season as the biggest winner. He managed to turn $200.000 buy-in into $404.000. High Stakes Poker will now regularly air every Wednesday and is available to all PokerGO subscribers.

In case you missed this exciting game here’s a short overview of the five biggest and most impactful hands of the 99tht episode of High Stakes Poker.

First Six-Figure Pot of the New Season: Dwan vs. Schwimer

Early in the game, Tom Dwan with two Jacks (spades and hearts) in his hands raised to $2.500 with Michael Schwimmer calling from the button with the 10 of diamonds and 9 of diamonds. Bryn Kenney played along with King of hearts and 9 of hearts. These were the three active players for the flop featuring 10 of clubs, 9 of spades, and 2 of spades. Kenney checked, while Dwan bet $5.500 and Schwimer went in aggressive raising to $17.000. Kenney responded by folding, but Dwan called. After the 4 of clubs turn, Dwan checked and Scwimmier bet another $33.000. Dwan called and checked once the Ace of hearts river was revealed. At this moment the pot was worth $108.700 as Schwimmer bet another $20.000. Dwan called, effectively handing ex-baseball player the first six-figure pot of the game, worth $148,700.

Salomon’s Bold Play Pays Out: Salomon vs. Dwan

Rick Salomon started off the hand raising to $3.500 with Jack of spades and 7 of spades in his hands, as Dwan jacked it further to $15.000 with Ace of clubs and King of clubs in the big blind. The 9 of clubs, 8 of clubs, and 8 of spades flop gave Dwan a flush enticing him to bet $18.000. Salomon called and had a little bit of luck with a Jack of hearts turn. Dwan check-called at $22.000 as the 6 of hearts came out on the river. Dwan checked and Salomon bet another $50.000 forcing his opponent to fold and taking the massive $161,200 pot.

Dwan’s Two Pairs Get Him $149K Pot: Dwan vs. Petrangelo

With 10 of spades and 6 of spades, Dwan raised to $2,500 and got called by Nick Petrangelo holding Ace of clubs, and Jack of clubs. Schwimmer joined the party betting $7.000 which got called by both Dwan and Petrangelo as the 6 of clubs, 10 of diamonds, and Jack of diamonds flop came out. Dwan, with two pairs in hands, checked, and both of his opponents followed. After the 8 of hearts turn, Dwan bet another $17.000, Petrangelo called and Schwimmer folded. With 2 of clubs river, Dwan added another $46.000 to the pot which Petrangelo paid only to lose $149.000 pot.

Nine-Ten Band Brings Schwimmer a Big Pot: Schwimer vs. Kenney

Schwimmer started off things by raising to $4.000 with 10 of spades and 9 of clubs as Kenney defended his big blind holding Queen of spades and 10 of hearts before check-calling the $7.000 bet as the Jack of diamonds, Queen of diamonds, and 3 of clubs flop came out. Schwimmer made a straight with a King of clubs turn and bet $16.000. After that, Kenney called and bet another $40.000 upon seeing the 8 of spades river handing Schwimmer the $135.200 pot.

Checking Out of Turn Doesn’t Pay Off: Schwimer vs. Kenney

Another Schwimmer vs Kenney duel started with Kenney straddling to $1.600 and Salomon re-straddling up to $5.000 before Schwimmer raised to $18.000 holding Ace of clubs and King of hearts in the small blind. He got called by Kenney with 8 of diamonds and 8 of hearts with Salomon folding on the 9 of hearts, 7 o clubs, and 4 of clubs flop. Kenney then checked out of turn and answered Schwimmer’s $20.000 bet by calling. As Ace of hearts turn was revealed, Kenney checked out of turn again and called against the Swimmers $35.000 bet. He did the same on 10 of clubs river only for Schwimmer to check and take home $152,600 pot.


Top Gaming Software Provider Expands Live Casino Games To VideoSlots Casino

Top Gaming Software Provider Expands Live Casino Games To VideoSlots Casino

For some time now, Pragmatic Play has been one of the leaders in the gaming industry and held the place at the very top among the gambling content providers. This is especially true when it comes to Live Casino content, an area where Pragmatic Play is second to none. The major reasons for this success have been the constant improvement of the services offered by this company and nurturing partnerships with the world’s leading online casinos. We mentioned PP, but is that the only top gaming software provider that is bringing live casino games to VideoSlots Casino?

Casino Max Live Dealer Casinos Bonuses

The latest news from Pragmatic Play report on the extension of an already fruitful partnership with VideoSlots casino. Also, the addition of Live Casino services to their gaming portfolio.

Which Top Gaming Software Provider Expands Live Casino Games To VideoSlots Casino?

As its name indicates VideoSlots casino has been mainly focused on delivering premium slot gaming experience to their customers and this approach brought them the Meister Award for Best New Casino in 2014 and the Best Casino Award in 2015. Lately, the casino has been looking to expand the assortment of games available to their players and make their offer more exciting and versatile.

The addition of Pragmatic Play’s Live Casino is going to do just that. The pandemic that has shaped our lives for the past year also had a great influence on the gaming industry, drastically decreasing the amount of available betting content forcing many players to try their hand at casino games. And, there’s hardly more engaging and customer-pleasing casino content than Pragmatic Play’s Live Casino.

Video Slots Casino Offers Virtual Reality Plus Baccarat, Mega Sic Bo, Blackjack, and Roulette Games

The Live Casino from Pragmatic Play presents gambling platforms with an opportunity to provide their players an online experience that is as close as possible to gambling at the actual land-based casino. All this while their players participate in games sitting in front of a computer or holding phones in their hands. The Live Casino solution features a newly-constructed top-notch gaming studio which is the key in creating an authentic casino atmosphere. The games are conducted by experienced, friendly, and engaging dealers who are highly trained and versed in player interaction. Various video broadcasting solution and multiple 4K cameras only add to the unique casino experience. The user-friendly interface supports 30 languages, making Pragmatic Play’s Live Casino a solution suitable for the widest possible range of potential customers. ‘

Of course, all of this would’ve worth much without exciting games and Pragmatic Play has done very well in incorporating the most popular titles to their Live Casino. Video Slots Casinos customers will now be able to try their luck at Baccarat, Mega Sic Bo, Blackjack, and Roulette, as well as the latest addition to the offer – Mega Wheel.

Pragmatic Play has only recently unveiled the Mega Wheel, a game that brings an authentic TV-show feel to the gaming, and it’s already gathered raving reviews.

Commenting on the extension of the partnership with VideoSlots, Yossi Barzely, Chief Business Development Officer at Pragmatic Play, spoke on how delighted everyone at the company is to be able to bring their Live Casino solution to the Video Slots’ already exciting gambling library. He hopes that the players at VideoSlots will enjoy new games and that the new addition will perfectly complement the casino’s existing catalogue. William Ahlberg, Head of Commercials at Video Slots, responded that VideoSlots casino is always on the lookout for premium casino content and the Live Casino from Pragmatic Play fits that bill perfectly.



Netents’ Live Casinos Shutdown After Evolution Take Over?

Netent Evolution Live Casinos Shutdown

With just a few days passed from officially completing the takeover of the NetEnt casino content company, the gaming giant Evolution wasted no time in restructuring its latest acquisition. The first one to go is NetEnt’s live casino department and the live studio Qormi based in Malta which has been shut down, leaving hundreds of employees at the risk of being declared redundant and losing their jobs.

Casino Max Live Dealer Casinos Bonuses

Did Netents’ Live Casinos Really Get Shutdown After Evolution Took Over?

The speed with which Evolution acted in implementing new operating principles and streamlining the business to fit their needs caught many observers within the industry by surprise. Perhaps the best indicator of how the NetEnt staff was startled by Evolution’s decision is the fact that the day they received the bad news was the same day that was planned for the rollout of the latest addition to the Live Casino lineup, the Roulette Max game.

The Roulette Max Game

Evolution’s initial offer to take over NetEnt was made in June and after the two-month thorough review in order to investigate if this move will create a monopoly on the market, the acquisition was approved by the UK Competition and Markets Authority and confirmed by the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority last month. The Evolution now has 96.8% of NetEnt’s outstanding shares as well as 98.6% of the votes.

The reported price of the takeover is somewhere in the region of $1.6 billion.

The takeover means that Evolution now owns several of the most important brands in the gaming industry, including Ezugi, Red Tiger, and the latest addition Netent. Therese Hillman, the current chief executive officer of the NetEnt will remain in her position and oversee the takeover over the next few months and is supposed to leave her post in the second quarter of 2021.

The news effectively means an end to NetEnt’s Live Casino which is a real shame because the company invested a lot in this feature in the last two years opening a new studio, adding new games, and redesigning the interface. During this time, Netent’s Live Casino surged to the very top of the industry providing one of the finest experiences for players all around the world. The new situation creates a space in the market that the other companies, such as Pragmatic Play and Playtech, will without a doubt pounce on in an attempt to attract their share of NetEnt’s former customers.

A big part of the success of NetEnt’s Live Casino was the experience, expertise, and dedication of the staff employed on the project. On Tuesday morning, hundreds of Netent’s employees based in Malta were told to go home and await further instructions from their new employer.

The company is yet to confirm how much of the staff will lose their jobs, so they remain in the sort of limbo waiting on the news.

Malta is the base of operations for many gaming companies and their government has already set up a helpline for those who are about to lose their jobs and have promised to assist them in finding alternative employment. In the meantime, some other companies from the industry, such as gaming software developer Microgaming, have expressed interest in taking on the laid-off workers perhaps providing the best testament on the quality of the job they have done at NetEnt.

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Enter For Your Chance To Win BetOnline’s Live Blackjack Casino & Roulette Challenge

Enjoy BetOnline's Live Casino Blackjack & Roulette Challenge

While online casinos continue to gain traction, particularly in the current year, the fact remains that not all casino clients have made a move to online alternatives. BetOnline continues to strive to change this through their newest December promotion.

Bet Online Live Casino

All users, both new and old, can now enjoy BetOnline’s Live Blackjack and Roulette Challenge; a promotion that is being held every week and aims to change the way the community sees online casinos.

How To Enjoy BetOnline’s Live Casino Blackjack & Roulette Challenge

BetOnline is betting all on this new venture and the website claims it’s one of the most exciting events any online player can partake on. The idea is to replicate the thrill of playing in a live casino, ensuring that the line between physical and online casinos gets thinner with each new installment of their challenge.

Of course, players won’t be playing just for the sake of fun and BetOnline has taken measures to ensure their Live Blackjack and Roulette remains as thrilling as possible for all interested players. Each week BetOnline will offer a $1,800 prize pool, an investment that shows how confident the company is in the appeal of this new challenge.

During the event players will play on both Blackjack and Roulette, with both American and European variants being available. The idea is to play on BetOnline’s live casino servers and earn points to make it to the top of the weekly scoreboard. Those players who reach the top three will be eligible to win their share of the $1,800 prize pool while keeping all their profits from the regular play sessions.

The scoreboard works in a simple way. Every $10 that is wagered at any of the applicable tables counts as a single point, so players will get to accumulate points just by playing regularly. Users who already play regularly at the tables can enjoy their games as usual and score points for the weekly challenge. While new users have a bigger reason to start playing on the live casino atmosphere BetOnline offers.

Players however should keep in mind that while the Live Blackjack and Roulette Challenge apply to both games the scores don’t cross-overs. Points for Blackjack will only work for the Blackjack prize pool and the opposite is true as well.

As such the prizes for the live Blackjack and Roulette challenge can be broken down as such:

  1. 1st Place (Blackjack): $500 And $400 For Roulette
  2. 2nd Place (Blackjack) $400 And For $200 Roulette
  3. 3rd Place (Blackjack): $300 And For $100 Roulette

Each challenge cycle will run from Monday to Sunday giving players enough time to accumulate points.

Competitive players can also easily see the current scoreboard by hovering over each game, allowing them to see the top 10 players as well as your own ranking.

With two live casinos and two different games to choose from BetOnline’s VIP Blackjack and Roulette challenge can be a great introduction for anybody looking to make the jump from physical to online casinos. At the very least the company is betting on it and this new promotion stands out as another impressive addition to their December campaigns.