Live Dealer Diamond VIP Blackjack

Live dealer Diamond VIP blackjack is a variation of 21 that is excellent for high rollers that gamble for higher stakes. If you want to participate in high stakes betting action with a luxurious environment, this live dealer game may be great for you. Essentially, everything you need to know about the black jack variation is in the name “VIP” and ‘Diamond’. The casino software providers built this version specifically to cater to VIP folks that play for high limits.

So, What are the benefits of playing live diamond VIP blackjack? Well, this variation of 21 is an exclusive high limit game similar to regular live blackjack. If you like to get your adrenaline pumping and look for huge wins but like games of skill, you may find this version appetizing. Additionally, Diamond VIP allows gamblers to place side wagers on 21 + 3 as well as Perfect Pairs.

As we said, the name Diamond VIP tells a lot about the game. First of all, the minimum bets are one thousand dollars. Depending on which live casino you play at, you can only bet between five and ten thousand dollars per hand. As a result, the Diamond VIP Blackjack tables up to the ante nicely, which enables people to play for higher limits. In some cases, we see two thousand dollars as the minimum wager.

Best Live Casinos To Play Real Money Diamond VIP Blackjack

Drake Casino


Learn Strategies How To Win Playing Live Diamond VIP Blackjack

First of all, Evolution Gaming powers this live dealer variation of 21. While this is great for high rollers, you really have to be able to afford to play this version. Just like you can win big, you can lose a lot of money. Now, whichever live casino app you play this title, will have different wagering limits. However, all of the operators use eight decks for Diamond VIP Blackjack. Also, the live dealer always stands on a soft 17. At, we put together a gambling guide to help you play Diamond VIP Blackjack Online. Keep in mind, we obtained a lot of this information from Wikipedia and the official Evolution software website’s articles.

Place Your Bet, Get Your Cards And Decide

Ultimately, there are three different steps we will break this strategy into 3 steps. First off, you place your wager, after that, you get your cards. Once you have your cards and make your wager, you can decide if you want to hit, stick, split, or double down. When you begin to play live Diamond VIP blackjack, tab on the chip symbol. This allows you to place your wagers in the main betting circle where other players put their ante.

Once you and the other players put to make their real money wagers, you can decide if you want to make a side wager (depending on your hand). Basically, there are two types of hands you can place side bets on. There is the 21 + 3 and the Perfect Pair. After we cover the basic rules and odds, we will discuss the strategies of side betting.

The Las Vegas-style live dealer should give you or ‘slide’ your cards out of their shoe. He or she deals two cards face down to all of the players. Also, they deal themselves one card face down and one face up. People refer to the face down as the ‘hole card’. Now that you see what type of hand you have and try to predict the dealer’s hand, you can double down, split hit or stand.

Doubling Down And The 2 Card Starting Hand

All of the players at the table are given two cards face down. However, you can place another bet of the same size to split your hand. However, in the live diamond VIP blackjack variation, you can only split one type. After that, the house does not allow you to split again.

If you have a hand with a value of ten or eleven, you may want to think about doubling down. Having said that, there is something unique in this variation of 21. While most variations allow gamblers to double down anytime, this version only allows you to double down when you have two cards.

The Live Dealers Actions, And Insurance Policies

If the live dealer has an Ace up their sleeve (literally if they have an Ace facing upwards), they have blackjack. At this time, you can choose to purchase an insurance policy from the house. Buying an insurance policy costs half of the bet you made in your ante. However, if the dealer hits 21, then you will give back your Ante bet. That said, you will receive the money you paid out on your insurance policy wager.

As with any other 21 variations, if the dealer has 16 or lower, they have to hit. When the dealer gets a soft 17, which means the value of their hand equals seventeen but they have an ace, they have to hit.

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