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The card game of poker has been around for hundreds of years. It was first made famous in several western films set in the mid-1800s. The game of poker has evolved over the years with numerous versions of how it can be played. These days, poker has become a staple real money gambling game at both land-based and online casinos. One of the biggest events in Las Vegas is still the World Series of Poker.

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About Playing Bet On Poker

Online poker exploded in popularity in the early 2000s. Texas Hold’em drove the boon, but this was just one of the versions that grew in popularity at real money online casinos. One of those versions could be considered a hybrid combination of Texas Hold’em and a horse race.

Bet on Poker is a live casino game with an actual dealer. It is available at select online casinos such as 1Bet2Bet Sportsbook and Casino and Bet Construct. The basic premise of the game is betting on a winning hand in a round of poker. The game is Texas Hold’em using traditional game rules. There are six different hands in play at a standard poker table. The live dealer runs the game online as they would in any land-based casino. The object is to bet on the winning hand. Online casino players also have the chance to bet on the poker value of the winning hand.

Texas Holdem Is The Best Poker Game To Bet On?

Just to recap, Texas Hold’em is the poker game that is bet on. Online players are watching the hand unfold with the help of a live dealer. They have the opportunity to place bets on any one of the six hands that are being played in each round along with the winning value.

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The basic rules of Bet on Poker are as follows:

  1. Standard Texas Hold’em rules apply
  2. There are six hands dealt in each round of play
  3. All six hands are played out to the end with no folds
  4. Online players can place bets on the winning hand and that hand’s value
  5. Once the river card is dealt, the winning hand and its poker value is determined
  6. If there are two or more winning hands, all winning bets are paid in full
    1. Players may bet on the hands throughout the entire round of play. The initial bets are placed on the winning hand and its poker value before the first cards are dealt. Once the two cards are dealt face-up, the odds to win are recalibrated. Players may then bet again.

      Once the live dealer delivers the flop the odds are once again recalibrated. This creates another opportunity to bet. The dealer will move to the turn, and the odds to win are recalibrated for the third and final time. Furthermore, this is also the fourth and final option to bet.

      The payout odds for the winning hand bet are as follows:

      1. High Card 100-to-1
      2. Pair 5.8-to-1
      3. Two Pair 3-to-1
      4. Three of a Kind 6.8-to-1
      5. Straight 5.7-to-1
      6. Flush 8.7-to-1
      7. Full House 8.7-to-1
      8. Four of a Kind 80-to-1
      9. Straight Flush 100-to-1
      10. Royal Flush 100-to-1