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Baccarat has always been one of the most popular table games at casinos, both land-based and online. It is often thought of as a casino gambling game for high rollers. However, it is actually one of the best table games for anyone looking for a solid edge against the house.

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Basic Baccarat Rules

There are a number of different variations of this game. However, the rules of live dealer baccarat are rather basic and easy to understand. There are three possible outcomes for any round of play:

  1. A Player Win
  2. The Bank Win
  3. A Tie

The value of cards two through nine are at face value. A 10, Jack, Queen and King have a value of zero and an Ace counts as one. The main objective of the game is getting a value of nine with two or three dealt cards.

Unlike Blackjack when any total more than 21 is a bust, Baccarat offers an interesting twist when a hand’s value exceeds nine. For example, if a player is dealt a five and an eight that adds up to 13, the value of that hand would be three using just the second digit of that total.

Betting in Baccarat consists of a bet on the Player or a bet on the Bank. A win betting on the Player doubles the wager. A win betting on the Bank pays 95 percent of that wager due to the built-in House commission. Bettors can also wager on a tie between the Player and the Bank at a return of 8-to-1.

Both the Player and the Bank will stand when their total is six to nine. If the Player’s total is five or less, they will receive one more card. If the Player stands on their total, the Bank will take a card with a total of five or less.

One other rule to keep in mind is that a Player will not draw a third card with a hand of five or less if the Bank’s two-card total is eight or nine. In this case the Bank wins.
Super 6 Baccarat

Some basic tips for playing Live Super 6 Baccarat are as follows:

  1. You do not have to bet every hand. Sometimes it pays to watch a few hands to gauge how the cards are falling.
  2. It is never wise to bet against a current winning streak until it ends.
  3. The standard game is played with six decks. The House odds will be impacted with any deviation from this number.
  4. Playing through the standard six-deck shoe will normally result in a 50/50 split between winning hands for the Player and the Bank.
  5. The rules of the game still give a slight edge to the Bank on any single round of play.
  6. The House edge on a standard six-deck shoe for the Player bet is 1.06 percent. The House edge for betting the Bank is 1.24 percent. The House edge on betting a tie is 14.44 percent.
  7. Playing Baccarat with a single deck lowers the House edge on a Player bet to 1.01 percent. The House edge betting the Bank with a single deck increases to 1.29 percent. Betting a tie on a single deck has a House edge of 15.57 percent.
  8. The House does not provide any history on past hands at an active table, so keeping track of recent results can be helpful. However, from a probability standpoint a past win (or loss) has little or no impact on the next round of play.

About Super 6 Baccarat Against Live Dealers

One of the more popular variations of this table game is Super 6 Baccarat. The basics of this game are the same, but there are some variance in payouts on winning hands.

The first big difference is that a winning bet on both the Player and the Bank payout at 1-to-1 odds. The five percent House commission is waived in Super 6 Baccarat unless the Bank wins the hand with a six. In that case, a bet on the Bank only pays 50 percent of the bet. Betting a tie still pays 8-to-1.

Another twist is the ability to bet the Bank winning a hand with a six. This side bet pays 12-to-1 on a win. Some versions offer a Dragon Bonus bet that pays when the hand results in natural winner (no third card) or a hand is won by at least four points. There is a specific Dragon Payout Table for this bet.

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