The Top Online Casino Software Provider Improve Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live

The Top Online Casino Software Provider Improve Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live

Towards the end of the last year, Playtech, one of the world’s top live casino online gaming content providers, launched an exciting new Live Casino game – Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live. Based on the developer’s hit slot machine Adventures Beyond Wonderland, this spin-the-wheel live game quickly became an instant hit in all the live dealer online casinos featuring Playtech’s software.

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What’s Adventure Beyond Wonderland Live All About?

The game takes place in a live studio, and players bet on the segments on the wheel which can be either a number or one of the exciting bonus rounds. Besides the big wheel, there are also two auxiliary ones, for the Wonder Bonus rounds. The game is hosted by two live dealers, dressed as the Mad hater and Alice and their two animated helpers, White Rabbit and Caterpillar who appear in the bonus rounds. With immersive and thrilling gameplay and the possibility of winning up to $500.000, it’s easy to see why this game became so popular so fast.

However, Playtech is known for its excellent communication with players. Also, their willingness to implement many of their suggestions into the actual gameplay if they feel it will make their product better. Overall, most of the best online live casino apps have their games. With that in mind, they have recently upgraded the Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live game with several changes, mostly based on players’ feedback.

What’s New?

One of the features added to the original game is the brand-new random multiplier boost which can now be activated during the main spin once the betting time closes. One of the randomly selected number segments on the wheel will be multiplied by 10 for that particular spin.

Also, some changes have been made to the Wonder Bonus round. In the original version, Eat Me or Drink Me bonus wheel sectors influenced your winnings by 30% in either direction if hit. This feature has now made way for +1 and -1 multipliers which are applied to character multipliers and an additional Re-spin.

The catch-all Mystery Caterpillar Multiplier doesn’t multiply the whole of your bet anymore. In the latest upgrade, it features a series of multipliers applied to all betting positions on the wheel. It now triggers a Re-spin determining which position wins.

The Magic Dice Bonus doesn’t double the multipliers only for the color of the dice that hit the 2x square anymore. Now, all multipliers for both colors are doubled, regardless of which dice landed.

All of these changes have influenced the Return to Player percentage for this game. With the updated version, all the betting options provide a more evened-out chance for winning across the wheel.

Here’s a quick overview of RTP movements for the betting positions:

Number 1 – 91.5% > 96.82%
Number 2 – 91.8% > 96.69%
Number 5 – 92.1% > 96.58%
Number 10 – 96.06% > 96.70%
2 Wonderspins – 95.51% > 96.66%
5 Wonderspins – 95.52% > 96.67%
Magic Dice – 94.7% > 96.58%

The updates have made Adventure Beyond Wonderland Live a bit less volatile overall, meaning that smaller wins should now come more often, while the big prizes will be harder to get. Also, unlike the original version, there’s now a possibility of coming out of the bonus round empty-handed, which was never the case previously.

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The overhaul of the Adventure Beyond Wonderland Live has made the game a bit more enjoyable, and, although big wins are now harder to come by, plenty of chances for various rewards make the playing experience even more exciting than it used to be. We can only hope that Playtech will continue to have a finger on the pulse of the gaming community and resume the practice of updating their games for the players’ enjoyment.

The Top Online Casino Software Provider Improve Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live
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The Top Online Casino Software Provider Improve Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live
Discover How One Of The The Top Online Casino Software Provider Has Improved Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live.
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